Kristen Runs

Many of the fundraising events that I take part in over the course of the year involve some sort of athletic component. I started out primarily as a walker, first in smaller events like the Relay for Life and the Race for the Cure and building up to the 60 mile stroll that is the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure. Over time, I found that I was walking so much that I even named my blog after it.

Starting in 2008, I challenged myself to take on something new: running. I've never been a runner and the truth is, I'm not much of one now. But the more time I spend running, the more I have come to enjoy it. Each year, I find myself taking on new races, some of which are related to my cancer research advocacy efforts and some that are just for the challenge of it. While I don't want Kristen Walks to become a running blog, I do want to start using this space to document my running successes and set backs. So with that, welcome to Kristen Runs!

2011 Race Schedule

3.13.11 Shamrock 'N Roll Road Race to benefit the Junior League of Atlanta

Official Race Time: 32:26 (Mike's time: 27:03)

Mike and I after the JLA ShamRock'N'Roll 5K

You can see more pictures from this event here.

I've been training with the Atlanta Track Club's Women on the Move group on Saturday mornings at Phidippides in the Ansley Mall. This race is the culmination of our training. Without any boys to get in the way, this should be a great race!

My husband Mike and I will be running this race with some of my 3 Day Tweeps family as a part of TEAM TWITTER! While it can be a little crowded trying to run alongside all of those people, the Race for the Cure is always a tremendous event. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I am currently fundraising for this event! If you would like to donate to this great cause, you can find my personal page here. You can also reach my donation page by clicking on the Race for the Cure image on the main page of this blog. Thank you!

 5.14.11 Warrior Dash!

Because I am truly a Pink Warrior and I want to prove it to the world! Or it just sounds like a wicked fun time. Plus there's beer and turkey legs at the end. And I look great in a viking helmet.

I ran this race (the world's largest 10K!) for the first time in 2010 and I'm hoping to run it again this year. Fingers crossed that I make it through the lottery and get a starting slot!

UPDATE: We're in! As an official sponsor, Emory University had some pre-registration slots reserved. We were lucky enough to snag two of them. See you on the 4th of July!