Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up: March 11th - 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! This blog round up is a little longer than usual because there were so many great 3 Day blog posts this week that I couldn't narrow it down. Truly, this might be one of the best round ups I've ever posted. I hope everyone else enjoys reading these posts as much as I did!

First up, Leanne of the blog Leanne... the Walker, posted a great tutorial about how to get started blogging, which you can find here. Blogging about your 3 Day experience can be a great way to keep your supporters up to date, so if you aren't blogging already or want some more tips, be sure to check this out!

Also on the website/blogging front, the infamous Dusty Showers has relaunched his personal website, starting with a post about how he discovered his passion for breast cancer advocacy, which can be found here

Stefanie, who writes the Sisterly Steps blog, wrote last week about getting her kids involved in her fundraising and the important lessons that they learned by helping out. I missed this post on my last round up but I think it's well worth linking to now. You can find Stef's post here.

Jen, Stef's sister and teammate, wrote on her personal blog, And We're Walking... about their very successful bottle drive fundraiser. Read all about it, as well as Jen's thoughts on how the time change is going to affect her training, here.

Kris Moors, of the excellently named blog One Curb at a Time, decided to use her first blog post to write about her inspiration for getting involved in the 3 Day. You can find that post here.

Rikki, of the blog Janice's Fight, also kicked off her 2011 blogging by talking a bit about how and why she got involved in the 3 Day. You can find Rikki's post here.

Speaking of inspiration, Lyndsey of the blog My 3 Day Journey used her Training Tuesday post to remind that when you are in doubt, just charge up those hills, 3 Day style!

The Nashville teammates of the Music City Spirit blog wrote about their first team meeting for the 2011. Find out how trying to plan refreshments for the meeting turned into their first team building exercise here.
Christina, of the blog A Walk in Big Shoes, took a minute this week to wrote a brief recap of her experience at the Philly 2010 3 Day. She also explains her very happy reason for not walking in 2011, which you can find out here.

John, of the 60 Miles blog, eased some of his premature fundraising worries by writing about some of his fundraising plans for the coming months, which you can read about here.  Like Jay before him, John also posted his 2011 fundraising video this week. I hesitated to link to this because of my personal policy about promoting specific fundraising events for other people. However, I think John's sales pitch about "donating a mammogram" is particularly brilliant, so I wanted to be sure that others saw it too. You can watch John's video here.

Heidi, of the blog A Life Changing Journey, shared her thoughts on the similarities between natural disasters such as the one that is ongoing in Japan and a personal health crisis, like being diagnosed with breast cancer. Heidi's posts are always thoughtful and very well written and this is no exception. Be sure to read her beautiful post here.

Allie, an Atlanta 3 Day walker and survivor, who writes the blog So I Had Cancer... Now What? posted the first of three blog posts outlining what it felt like when she found out she had breast cancer. You can find this first chapter of Allie's story here.

Finally, I wanted to end with a post by Abbie of the blog Love Can Do Anything. Abbie learned this week that her stepmother has breast cancer. In light of her diagnosis, Abbie wrote an incredibly powerful piece about how the fight against these disease has been personal all along. You definitely do not want to miss this wonderful post!


Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up: March 4th - 10th

Apologies for the delay in posting this. As I mentioned when I posted that I was bringing this feature back, there are going to be some weeks where working on my thesis needs to take precedence and this was one of them. I had a draft of my final research paper due and an important meeting with my advisor on Monday so I was chained to my desk all day Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning I was busy running in the JLA ShamRock'N'Roll 5K (which you can see the results from on my new Kristen Runs page!) and with my in-laws stopping through Atlanta for a few hours yesterday, this is my first chance to get this posted. As always, good things come to those who wait! 

Thanks for understanding and happy reading!

First up this week, we have Margie of the Margie's Magenta Miles blog. Margie wrote about a special training walk the she did last week - the LA Race for the Cure. You can read about her experience here

Tammy, the captain of the Atlanta 3 Day team Pink for Life, used her personal blog, My 3 Day Journey to introduce her teammate Anne. You can read Anne's 3 Day story here.

Jen, who writes the ...And We're Walking blog, is stuck on the treadmill until the weather improves and is looking for some great new tunes to listen to as she trains. Share your favorite walking tunes with her here

Lyndsey, whose blog is also called My 3 Day Journey, isn't waiting for the snow to melt. She wrote a little about training in the snow for her Training Tuesday post, which you can find here.

Carole Furr, whose Livejournal is called From the Kelp Forest, recently made the big decision to switch from crewing to walking in the SFO 3 Day. Help cheer her on as she takes on this bigger challenge, here

Carole's husband Jay wrote on his Livejournal about how walking in the 3 Day has helped him realize that he's had enough of putting things off until tomorrow and to take advantage of living every day. You can read his thoughts on this here

On a similar note, Tracy Dart, of the Team Tracy blog, wrote about how one of her fellow survivors embraces every day. There's some great inspiration to be found in this post, which I highly recommend! 

Finally, Jen Hammel, captain of the 3 Day team Lyndas Ladies, posted her wonderful recap video of the 2010 San Diego 3 Day on her YouTube page. You can (and should!) watch her video here.


Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up: February 25th - March 3rd

Happy reading everyone!

Julie, of the Two Pink Chicks blog is starting to get her pink mojo back - she's been doodling fundraising ideas!  Check out her doodles in her Pink Pic Friday post, here.

Roberta of the blog Journey to Atlanta shared a great picture from her first 3 Day walk in this post, which also included an important reminder about mammograms. Roberta also gave a shout out to her training walk group leader, Burt in this post. If you're ever in the NYC area, their group seems like a great one to walk with!

Jay Furr took some time this week to share his number one piece of advice for ALL 3 Day participants: to join the Share List. Read more about why he finds the Share List so important here. Jay also reposted this fabulous post of his from last year highlighting just exactly what this 3 Day thing is all about. Highly recommended!   

Michelle has been recapping her experience at the 2010 Philly 3 Day on her blog, aptly named Michelle's Walking Blog. This week, she shared her thoughts on Day 1, which you can read here.  

Abbie, of the Love Can Do Anything blog, used her first post as a 3 Day ambassador to remind everyone that if she can do it, you can do it too. You can find her inspirational post here.

Lyndsey, of the blog My 3 Day Journey, used her Wordless Wednesday post to recognize one of her smallest supporter. See who it is in this post.

Carolyn, who blogs at Life in the Granite State, wrote about kicking her 3 Day efforts for 2011 into high gear and the motivation behind merging her small team with a larger one in this post

Finally, Tracy Dart of the Team Tracy blog wrote a bit this week about becoming an ambassador for the 3 Day, which you can read here. Tracy also shared her thoughts on the unofficial 3 Day code of ethics, which I think perfectly sums up the 3 Day spirit. Be sure to read her wonderful post, here


Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up: February 19th - 25th

As I mentioned yesterday, I am bringing back the weekly 3 Day blog link round up and today is the first post of the new installment!

[Side note: I think this feature needs an actual name. If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments!]

A few quick words about these weekly blog link posts before we get to this week's links. 

First, in this feature, I try to stick to personal (not professional) blogs. That means that you won't be seeing links to posts that appear on news sites, the official Komen blog or other similar sites. What you will find is links to the blogs of your fellow 3 Day walkers and crew members, cancer survivors and all around great personal blogs. I'm the one that makes the final call about whether the material is suitable for these posts, so I may fudge that line a little here and there. 

Second, I have a personal rule about not promoting the fundraising events of other walkers. I will link to event summaries if I think the fundraiser or event was particularly well done, creative and/or inspiring but I try to avoid linking to news about fundraisers ahead of time. I don't want to be accused of promoting certain walkers and not others, so I do my best to avoid linking to posts about fundraisers ahead of time altogether. 

Each post will cover a period of seven days, from Friday morning to Thursday night. I settled on this schedule last year during the 3 Day event season because a number of walkers were able to update their blogs during their events and I wanted to be able to keep all of the posts about one event together in one post as best as possible. I am planning on posting on Saturdays so that I have a day to catch on blog posts I may have missed and to have some time to get everything together to post. If I really have my stuff together, like today, it may go up on Friday evenings instead.

Finally, I am only one person and I can only read so many blog posts in a week. I currently have 88 blogs in my RSS Reader folder tagged as "3 Day blogs". I also try to keep an eye on the #the3day and #3daytweeps hashtags on Twitter for new blogs that I may not have discovered yet. If you have a blog (or know of a blog) that I should be reading and think that I'm not, please let me know in the comments! Some of the blogs from 2010 walkers and crew members have gone inactive and I love discovering new people. That being said, just because I don't link to something that you wrote in a given week doesn't mean that I didn't read it. As I mentioned, I have 88 blogs that I currently monitor, so I have to be a little judicious in terms of what I link to in these posts.

I think that just about covers everything. Let's get to those blog links already!

To start, I wanted to link over to the 3 Day Tweeps website to recognize some of our fellow tweeps who were also named Online Ambassadors 2011. You can read more about the new ambassadors and congratulate them here. You can also sign up to be a Tweep if you haven't already!

Aaron, one of our newly minted Online Ambassadors, wrote in his blog The 3 Day Man about what it's like to be a man on the 3 Day in this great post

Speaking of men on the 3 Day, Jay Furr has once again kicked off his 3 Day funding by shaving his head. Watch this year's video explaining this tradition on his Livejournal blog here.

Roberta, who writes the blog Journey to Atlanta (formerly known as Journey to San Diego) has a fantastic new team name to go along with her new blog name: The Pink Slips. Their team is also recruiting new members, which you can read about here.

Atlanta appears to be the hot city for the 3 Day in 2011! In addition to The Pink Slips and Team Twitter Atlanta, the Music City Spirit team from Nashville has decided to walk in Atlanta this year as well. Read more about their decision here.

Tori, of the blog 3 Days Walking in Joy, wrote a bit about she likes to start the training walks that she leads in this wonderful post that emphasizes why the community aspect of the 3 Day is so important.

Leanne, of the always excellent blog Leanne... the Walker wrote this week about keeping in mind that the 3 Day is not a race, in this post.

And finally, survivor and Seattle walker Tracy Dart of the blog Team Tracy reflects on the impact that cancer has had on her life in this moving post.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

An Update!

I'm back!

Sort of.

Earlier this week, I was thrilled to learn that I will again have the honor of serving as an Online Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure. At the time that I applied, I thought that being named an ambassador again was something of a long shot. While I have remained in touch with much of the online 3 Day community, I haven't been blogging and I'm not yet signed up for any events in 2011, for a number of reasons. But I love being something of a leader in the 3 Day community, especially when the newbies start to poke their heads out and ask for some help or encouragement. So I applied again and was pleased to receive the email on Monday confirming that I would again get to use this pretty pink badge and title for the coming year. 


That silly dissertation of mine that led to me sticking a "Do Not Disturb" sign up on my blog still isn't done. Writing a dissertation is hard, yo. So I have been weighing all week how I wanted to proceed, with the goal being to find a healthy balance between what I want to be doing (that is, all things 3 Day and cancer advocacy-related) and what I really, really need to be doing (writing my dissertation). I have had a stronger and stronger urge to dust off the blog and get started with 3 Day activities again over the past few weeks. I have organized a few unofficial training walks here in Atlanta for visiting walkers (which you can see a few photos from here and here) and met up with my fellow 3 Day Tweeps a handful of times over the past couple months. I've stumbled across a few great articles online that have triggered the "I have to blog about this!" response more and more regularly. And so far, I've been able to resist. But with the new excitement bubbling in the 3 Day community from the announcement of the new ambassadors to increasing numbers of Getting Started meetings and the start of Training Kick Off events, it is getting to be a bit too hard to stay away for much longer.

So I guess that means that, at least for now, Kristen Walks is back online, in a somewhat limited capacity (that dissertation isn't going to finish and defend itself, after all). For now, I am only planning on bringing back what ended up being on of the most popular features of this blog: the weekly round up of what's going on across the 3 Day blogosphere. I got to know a ton of great people by reading their blogs last year and I have had a number of people comment about what an excellent resource that was for them for discovering new blogs, making connections and strengthening our little community. So, it's coming back, starting tomorrow. Each Saturday, I will do my best to post links to the latest and greatest posts about all things 3 Day and cancer advocacy that I've found over the past week. 

I can't promise it will be up every week. It takes a bit of time to read all of the great blogs out there and some weeks, dissertation writing and school work will have to take precedence. But I will do my best. I'm really looking forward to getting my blogging legs back under me a bit and getting to know some of the newbies (both newbies to the 3 Day AND newbies to blogging!) over the coming weeks and months. I hope that you all enjoy it too.

See you tomorrow morning (or later tonight, as it turns out!), with a fresh batch of links!

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Blogging Hiatus, Explained

Hello everyone!

First of all, I wanted to extend my apologies for my extended blogging absence.  I didn't intend to disappear for so long without an explanation.  For those of you who don't know, in addition to my work raising money for breast cancer research and training for the  Breast Cancer 3 Day for the Cure, I am also a graduate student working towards my PhD in Neuroscience.  In fact, I have been a graduate student working on my PhD for far too long, for a variety of reasons.  Ultimately, it has been my efforts towards changing that status and completing my degree once and for all that has kept me away from this blog for the last few weeks.  Following a very stressful but successful meeting with my thesis committee members and my advisors, I was finally given permission to wrap up my research and focus on writing both my doctoral dissertation and a final research paper to be published in the near-ish future.

Being able to move into this final phase of my graduate career has been a huge reward for me after years of toil and frustration in the lab.  However, just because I have cleared this major hurdle, there is still a lot of work to be done. I am hoping to defend my thesis before the end of March and I have a ton of work to complete before then if that is to happen. As such, while my commitment to the Breast Cancer 3 Day and to raising money and awareness for this important cause remains high, I will be stepping away from writing here at Kristen Walks for the forseeable future. 

I am confident that this is not the last that you will hear of my voice here on the pages of the Internets. I am still going to keep up with my friends and family via Facebook and email and I will continue to use Twitter probably more than I should.  I will also be helping Mug write about her experiences during the 3 Day season over on her blog at www.3DayMug.com. But given the level of quality I try to bring to the things that I share here on this blog, I wouldn't feel right trying to actively write and post here without being able to put a significant amount of time and effort into it.

Fingers crossed that my writing goes smoothly and that words and brilliant thoughts flow from my fingers to my screen easily over the coming weeks and months. I can't wait to come back here and finally tell all of you about my experience walking the 3 Day in Boston with my Relentless Optimism teammates way back in July, training with and getting to know the 3 Day Tweeps here in Atlanta and Walker Stalking the Atlanta event in late October.  Moreover, my experiences over the years with the Breast Cancer 3 Day have shown me that biomedical research advocacy is a true passion of mine and I cannot wait to start  pursuing a career in that area as soon as possible.  But before all of that can begin, completing my dissertation once and for all has to be my primary focus.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes!

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Monday Motivation

"It seems to me that any full grown, mature adult would have a desire to be responsible, to help where he can in a world that needs so very much, that threatens us so very much."

              ~Norman Lear

Promise Me: How a Sister's Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer

Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up!

Apologies that this is a little late this week.  I had a busy weekend helping a fellow 3 Day walker out with a fundraising booth.  Better late than never though!

First up, this week, Abby, of the blog Bigfoot To be Spotted at the Atlanta 3 Day, has officially joined forces with the team Pink for Life, which you can read all about here.  

Christine, of the blog Saving Second Base, shared some recent encouraging messages from her wonderful traveling shirt, which you can see here

Deanna, of the blog Deanna's 3 Day Journey, shared some great photos in this post from what had to be one of the most fun training walks ever - it was also a scavenger hunt!  I want to train with her team - so creative!

Cat, of the blog Fat Girl Walkin' ended up taking a scary detour to Urgent Care this week!  Read Cat's tale of caution here and remember - listen to your body! 

Nicole opened up her blog One Step at a Time to her guest blogger Jennifer Hicks this week, who shared her thoughts as she looks ahead to her first 3 Day event in Seattle.  You can read Jennifer's guest post here.  Nicole also put together a wonderful post with all the details about last week's highly anticipated release of Nancy Brinker's book Promise Me.  Nicole has kindly compiled all of the information about Ambassador Brinker's book tour and media appearances in this post, which I highly recommend.  

Speaking of Promise Me, Lyndsey, of the blog My 3 Day Journey also dove into Promise Me almost as soon as it was released.  She shared some her initial thoughts and reactions to the book here.  

Rhea, who writes the blog Mommy 2 3 Monkeys, wrote all about her and her teammate's recent Bingo for Boobies event in this post - complete with photos!  Rhea also shared a recipe for making Cake Pops that look a little bit like boobies here

Roberta, of the blog Journey to San Francisco... Again, shared some beautiful photos from her recent training walk around Central Park in this post

D'lyn, of the blog Meanderings of a 3 Day Mom, continued her series of great 3 Day posts this week, starting with this motivational post about just getting that fundraising done already.  Speaking of fundraising, D'lyn also took to her soapbox to encourage those individuals that have to already reached their minimums to help out their teammates who may be struggling in this post.  Finally, D'lyn was compiling some photos to use for some new 3 Day business cards and was kind of enough to share some her really wonderful shots with everyone in this post

John, of the blog 60 Miles 3 Days wrote this week about all the reasons why you really should stay in camp rather than opting for the comfort of a hotel in this post

Julie, of the blog Whatever Julie, recently interviewed Sue Rowland, a veteran 3 Day walker and crew member and 14 year breast cancer survivor.  Read what Sue had to say about her experience on the 3 Day here

Janene, of the blog My 3 Day Journey, shared her secrets for surviving the Twin Cities 3 Day event with healthy, happy feet in this post that is filled with helpful tips. Janene also wrote about how the 2010 3 Day changed her for the better here

On a similar note, Julie, of the blog Dutch Being Me, took some time last week to reflect on her past her experiences with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Breast Cancer 3 Day.  You can read her very thoughtful, moving here.  

And finally, Jay Furr shared his final wrap up from the Twin Cities walk and talked a bit about his new game plan for his two remaining walks this year in this post.  

Happy reading everyone!

Promise Me: How a Sister's Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer


Monday Motivation

Because I am hurting from a particularly nasty wipe out during my run this morning...

"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever."

            ~ Lance Armstrong

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Cancer Awareness on the Web Today!

As I was surfing around the Internet today, I happened across a couple of important links that I wanted to share with all of you!

First up, I posted on Friday afternoon about the Stand Up to Cancer telethon.  In the event that you missed the telethon when it aired live on Friday night, you can now watch the full video of the telethon here, on the Stand Up to Cancer website.  At that same link, you can also find video from both the pre-show and the post-show.  The telethon itself was only an hour long and included a number of fascinating features on some of the research that has been funded by Stand Up to Cancer over the last two years as well as personal stories, musical acts and more.  It was a surprisingly moving show and I highly recommend that everyone take an hour to watch it and learn more about this great organization. 

I also wanted to remind everyone that Ambassador Nancy Brinker's book Promise Me will be officially released tomorrow, September 14th in bookstores all around the country (including on Amazon!).  For those who don't know, Nancy Brinker is the founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Ambassador Brinker founded the Komen organization after making a promise to her dying sister to do everything in her power to find a cure for breast cancer.  In her book Promise Me, she recounts her personal story and discusses her personal goals for Komen for the Cure, breast cancer research and cancer advocacy in general.  It sounds like a fascinating book for anyone to read and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

In advance of the publication of Promise Me, Ambassador Brinker has been doing a series of interviews and media appearances which are slowly making their way to the web.  You can watch a particularly nice interview that she did on Good Morning America this morning here.  A second interview, this time with CNBC can be found here.  Finally, Larry King posted this great article that was written by Ambassador Brinker about her role in what has ultimately been a revolution in breast cancer research and advocacy. 

In addition to these media appearances, Ambassador Brinker will also be starting a national book tour tomorrow with an appearance in New York City.  You can find the list of events for the book tour on the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Facebook page.  I am particularly looking forward to Ambassador Brinker's appearance at Agnes Scott College in Decatur on Thursday, September 23rd.  If you will be in the Atlanta area  and would like to join me for that event, let me know!  

Purchase "Promise Me: How a Sister's Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer" on Amazon

Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up!

Since we are between 3 Day events, the 3 Day blogosphere has been a little quieter than usual.  However, there were still a number of great posts that are definitely worth checking out!

This week, we're going to start with John, of the blog 60 Miles 3 Day, who wrote about the importance of cross training here.  John also wrote about things to consider when making plans to get to and from the 3 Day in this post

Abby, of the blog Bigfoot to be Spotted at the Atlanta 3 Day wrote about her experience at the Atlanta Preview Expo in this post

Ellyn Davidson, of the blog Life After Breast Cancer, looked back her experience at the Michigan 3 Day in this great post

Roberta, of the blog Journey to San Francisco... Again, shared photos from her recent 10 mile training walk in this post

Jenny H, of the blog The Big Walk, talked about her team's unique take on a table fundraiser - they sang for their donations! - in this post.   

Lyndsey, of the blog My 3 Day Journey wrote about using training as a way to play tourist in your own city (one of my favorite things to do!) in this excellent post

Stacie, of the blog 3 Day Walk for the Cure, shared her personal reason for continuing to raise funds well beyond the $2300 minimum in this post.

Heidi, of the blog A Life Changing Journey, took to her blog this week to share her personal story about fighting for her annual mammogram which you can read here.  Thankfully, Heidi's efforts were a success, as she now has her mammogram scheduled. 

Tanya, of the blog My 3Day Journey, had to make the tough decision to pull out of the 2010 3 Day this year due to ongoing ankle problems requiring surgery.  Luckily, she is able to roll over her fundraising to date to 2011 where she fully intends to complete those long 60 miles.  You can read more about her difficult decision here.  

D'lyn, of the blog Meanderings of a 3 Day Mom, wrote about the importance of tent decorations in this helpful post.  D'lyn also encourages all 3 Day walkers not to be ducks in this great post.  You'll have to read her post to understand what she means about the ducks! 

Mel, of the blog Mel, a Dramatic Mommy, shared the personal reason that got her out the door for a training walk this week in this moving post

Rikki, of the blog Janice's Fight, showed off her new 3 Day car magnet that was designed especially for her by fellow 3 Day walker Julie Brock in this post.  

Finally, in case you missed it, Gina, of the blog The Clan McLeod, was announced as the new Energizer Keep Going Blogger for Atlanta this week!  You can help welcome her to the 3 Day family here.  

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You're Invited to the Stand Up To Cancer Telethon!

Okay, so I can't really invite you to attend the Stand Up To Cancer telethon.  But I can encourage everyone to stay home tonight in your comfiest pair of sweatpants and watch the telethon along with me!

The Stand Up To Cancer telethon is a major fundraising initiative for the charitable program of the same name.  The money raised by the SU2C telethon will be used to fund collaborative, rather than competitive, cancer research in an attempt to bring the most promising findings to the public as soon as possible.  SU2C does this by focusing their research dollars in two ways:
Dream Team grants, which are awarded to multi-institutional groups of scientists who work collaboratively, rather than competitively, to develop new treatments quickly in order to save lives now. You can learn more about SU2C's first five Dream Teams here.

Innovative Research grants, which support groundbreaking cancer research projects that are high-risk but could also be high-impact and have the potential to significantly affect patient care.  To learn more about the first recipients of SU2C’s Innovative Research Grants, click here.
Through these two avenues of support, the SU2C program aims to bring scientists together to work on cancer research with the greatest likelihood of directly helping patients and their families as soon as possible.  Unlike many organizations, SU2C doesn't limit itself to just one type of cancer.  Instead, SU2C recognizes that every one of us will be touched by cancer in some way and therefore aims to fund research that could potentially impact how multiple types of cancer are treated in order to benefit as many people as possible.   In short, it's a great program and one highly deserving of your support!

The Stand Up To Cancer telethon will air tonight, September 10th at 8pm EST/PST and 7pm CMT.  You can find the telethon on all three of the main networks as well as a number of cable networks.  

If you would like to donate to Stand Up To Cancer, you can do so here.  Or, if you want the chance to talk to your favorite celebrity, you can wait until tonight and call in live.  To learn more about Stand Up To Cancer, please click here.

Please note that I got a lot of this information from the Stand Up to Cancer website and their Wikipedia page, as well as from my own knowledge of the organization.

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Monday Motivation

"It is not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference."

               ~ Paul Bryant

Happy Labor Day!

Friday 3 Day Blog Round Up - Labor Day Edition!

A few days late due to the holiday weekend, but here nonetheless!

First up, Kaitlin, of the blog 3 Kfine Days wrote about her experience in the Chicago 3 Day in this post

Laurie, of the blog La Vie de Laurie, wrote about her experience last weekend fundraising at her local Walmart in this great post.  

While Laurie was fundraising at Walmart, Rhea, of the blog Mommy 2 3 Monkeys, was hosting a bake sale with her teammate.  Check out some photos and read all about their bake sale here.  

Julie, who writes the blog Whatever Julie, shared her stories and pictures from the Tampa Preview Expo here.  

Speaking of Preview Expos, Cat, of the blog Fat Girl Walkin' wrote about her experience at the Expo for the Arizona 3 Day in this post.  Cat also floated a new, unique idea for a fundraiser this week: a SmashShack!  Read all about it and let her know what you think here.  Finally, Cat found some personal motivation in proving the meanies wrong, which she wrote about here

Julie, of the blog Two Pink Chicks Fo(u)r Boobs shared pictures of her unfinished fundraising quilt this week and debated the ultimate value of training versus finishing the quilt in this post.  

Rikki, of the blog Janice's Fight, shared her best motivational songs and asked for yours as well in this post.  Rikki also talked about a recent experience that reminded her that life isn't the same outside of the 3 Day Bubble in this post.  Finally, Rikki wrote about her best training buddy - her daughter - in this sweet post.  

Speaking of daughters, D'lyn, of the blog Meanderings of a 3 Day Mom, wrote about why you should think about involving your children in your fundraising and the lessons they can learn from the experience here.  D'lyn also wrote about how your "Why" determines your "How" in this post

Roberta, of the blog Journey to San Francisco... Again! shared photos and stories from her group's 20 mile walk out to Coney Island, which you can find here

The always link-worthy Jay Furr shared his personal reasons for walking in the 3 Day and being an advocate for breast cancer awareness in this highly recommended post.  Jay then followed that post up by emphasizing why it is so important that everyone donates that can because the 3 Day is facing dwindling numbers over the last few years.  You can read that important post here

Now that her 3 Day event is complete, Nallie, of the blog Pounding the Ground, has decided to kick it up a notch by running in her local Race for the Cure.  Read more about her plans to continue as an advocate for breast cancer research here

Leanne, of the blog Leanne... the Walker, explored the right way to respond when someone says "I saw you walking!" in this post.  

John, of the blog 60 Miles 3 Days, featured Leanne again this past week, this time sharing her favorite 3 Day moments.  You can watch this interview on John's blog, here.   

Nicole, of the blog One Step at a Time, talked about a reason for walking in the 3 Day that we all share: walking because we can.  Read her thoughts on this important reason for walking here

Lauri, of the blog 60 Mile Thoughts, wrote about the things we leave behind at the 3 Day (the good AND the bad!) in this important post

I link to a lot of posts about the topic of finding balance between real life and preparing for the 3 Day because I think this is a common struggle that everyone that takes on the 3 Day experiences.  Lyndsey, of the blog My 3 Day Journey, is the latest walker to talk about her efforts at finding that ever elusive balance in this post.  

Lilly, of the blog Lilly's Notepad, shared a whole slew of ways that family and friends can support their 3 Day walkers in this informative post.  Read it and share it with everyone you know! 

This past weekend was the Denver 3 Day for the Cure!  Laurie, who writes the blog Guessing All the Way, was the Energizer Keep Going Blogger for this event.  As always, she dutifully recapped each day.  You can find her write up for Day 1 here, for Day 2 here and for Day 3 here.   

Finally, with the next 3 Day event not taking place for a couple weeks, I wanted to end on this beautiful post from Kim of the blog I Want a Minivan where she remembered her mom on the eight year anniversary of her death.  Her reflections are a perfect reminder of the real reason why we are all taking part in the Breast Cancer 3 Day. 

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Monday Motivation

"We are not put on earth for ourselves, but are placed here for each other.  If you are there always for others, then in time of need, someone will be there for you."
             ~ Jeff Warner

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