We Did It!

One week ago yesterday, my Relentless Optimism teammates and I walked across the finish line of the Boston 2010 3 Day for the Cure!

Jen and I on the route!
It was a long, hot, emotional weekend but one that I would gladly take on again and again.  Having my life long best friends by my side for this incredible journey was wonderful - we laughed, we cried, we ached and in the end, we were arm in arm as we walked into Closing Ceremonies, 60 miles closer to a world a without breast cancer.

I have so many stories to share with all of you and I will do my best to start posting my thoughts and stories from the event soon.  However, I am in the last throes of my PhD thesis and now that the hard work of training is behind me, I really do need to refocus my efforts on my school work.  But rest assured, Kristen is still walking and will still be posting!  (To lapse into the third person for a minute...)

The first goal for KW will be to catch up on my Blog Link posts from the last few weeks.  A lot of people in the 3 Day community have mentioned how much they appreciate those posts and I love putting them together, so that will be happening this week.  I am also hard at work touching up my photos from the 3 Day (over 600!) in order to post them online ASAP.  And once those photos are up, it will be story time!

Thank you all so very much for your support of me and my teammates throughout this adventure.  It has meant more to me than I can possibly say!

With my teammates at the finish line!

Oh, and don't forget!  There is still time to donate!  We can accept donations up until four weeks after the walk (so three weeks from today!).  If you would still like to donate, you can do so on my personal donation page on the the 3 Day website.  Thanks!

***Please note that both of the photos in this post are courtesy of Brian Ristuccia, who was taking photos throughout the Boston 3 Day and kindly posted them on Facebook for all of the walkers and crew members to see.  Thank you Brian!

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karen said...

I'm glad you're back posting! I may be your mom but I really do enjoy them!