3 Day Blog Round Up for July 7th - 13th!

Wow, it's been quite awhile since I've posted one of these blog round ups!  I compiled all of these URLs during the week of July 10th through the 16th with the intention of finishing this post at the airport on our way to Boston.  Alas, the poor wireless connection at the Atlanta airport conspired against me.  I still think these are great posts worthy of sharing, though, so I am going to post them just the same.  Enjoy!

First up, Jenny, of the aptly named Reasons Why I Walk blog, shares her two newest reasons for walking: her friend MJ's twin baby girls

Ellie, of the blog Two Girls Walking, has challenge for her donors - make the biggest donation and you get to choose what special pink items her and her Mom Jenny will wear for the 3 Day.  You can read all about what she has planned here.  

If you've been keeping up with these posts in the past, then you know that I like to recognize my fellow bloggers when they reach their fundraising goals.  This week, we are celebrating with Becca of the Becca's Stuff blog as she has reached her fundraising minimum.  You can join in on the party here.

Back at the beginning of July, Leanne of the Leanne... the Walker blog asked everyone for their best tips about training and nutrition.  She compiled all of the feedback and suggestions that she received into this great post.  

Deanna, of the blog Deanna's 3-Day Journey, recently found herself at a bit of a roadblock when it came to all things 3 Day.  She started to break out of her rut by breaking all of her self-imposed rules about training.  You can read about her rules and why she tossed them aside here.  Next up, Deanna got herself a hit of 3 Day spirit by attending a gear clinic at Big Peach Running Company here in Atlanta, which she wrote about in this post.  Finally, Deanna made the difficult choice to switch teams for the 3 Day.  She talked about what drove her to that decision and the excellent advice that she received from the 3 Day coaches in this interesting post.

Lisa, of the Whining Causes Blisters blog, spent some time recently feeling nostalgic.  She draws some excellent parallels between those feelings and her affection for the 3 Day in this thoughtful post.  Lisa also shared some of her last minute thoughts before heading to Boston for the 3 Day in this post

With just ten days left before the event, Caitlin of The Komen Experience was also getting excited about the Boston walk.  She shared some of her thoughts and insights into her pre-event preparations in this post.  

Speaking of pre-event preparations, John of the 60 Miles, 3 Days blog was starting to think about what he would be bringing to Boston.  He talked specifically about what you should plan on carrying with you on the route in this very helpful post.

Christine, of the blog Saving Second Base, has also been thinking about what she'll be carrying on the route as she walks, with her focus being primarily on figuring what pack will work best for her needs.  Find out what she finally settled on here

If you use and abuse Facebook for your fundraising the way that I do, you may have noticed some recent changes to the 3 Day fundraising widget.  Thankfully, the Coconutter Strutters explained everything that you need to know to re-add the 3 Day Facebook widget in this useful post.

Tesa, of the blog 2 Wired 2 Tired, attended her first organized training walk in preparation for the Cleveland event and loved it.  Read all about her experience here.  Tesa also posted a vlog review of the official New Balance 3 Day sneakers which you can watch here.  Finally, Tesa took some time to walk through the ins and outs of the 3 Day Participant Center, something that everyone participating in the 3 Day community should be familiar with.  You can find that post here

Cat, of the always wonderful Fat Girl Walkin' blog, talks about the mental challenges of the 3 Day and the lessons she has learned to conquer them in this great post

Abby, of the hilariously named Bigfoot To Be Spotted at the Atlanta 3 Day blog, recently attended a phone clinic about training.  She talks about the benefits of phone clinics and shares some the training tips she picked up here

On a practical but not widely considered note, Laurie from the 60 Miles or Bust blog recommends and reviews her favorite ear plugs for in camp in this post.  They even come in pink!

Rhea, of the Mommy to 3 Monkeys blog, is showing off her new pink hair in honor of being named the Energizer Keep Going! Blogger for San Diego.  Check out her new pink do here

Deb, aka MustBeNuts, of the 60 Miles For Busts blog gives us an amusing window into some of her thoughts from a recent training walk in this really funny (and relatable!) post.  

Finally, Natalie of the Pounding the Ground blog talks about the inspiration she found in Runner #13 in this moving post.  A must read for anyone looking for any extra inspiration to get them through those long, hot training miles. 

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