3 Day Blog Round Up for July 16th - 22nd!

Still catching up on the 3 Day blogosphere!  This recap covers the week leading up to the Boston 3 Day and represents the last full week before the 3 Day season officially kicks off.  With the first event of the season right around the corner, the 3 Day bloggers were all abuzz with their own preparations.

First up, Tina of the blog 60 Miles 3 Days 1 Goal shared her pre-walk jitters ahead her first ever 3 Day event in Cleveland in this post

Tesa, the Cleveland Keep Going! Blogger who writes the 2 Wired 2 Tired blog prepared for the Cleveland event by helping to spread the word in her community.  You can read about the radio interview that she did here

Speaking of interviews, Tesa also talked with 2010 crew member (and former Cleveland walker) Melissa Rotblatt in order to learn more about the 3 Day from the point of view of a younger participant.  You can find this great interview here.  

Jillian, of the blog Chai Latte Please, is getting ready to crew in Chicago.  She talked a bit about her team, Ms. America TaTas Chicago and her last minute preparations in this post.  Jillian also shared her last minute advice for the Boston walkers before they set off on their journey in this post

Cat, of the blog Fat Girl Walkin' consulted a weather expert and reassured the Phoenix walkers that it won't be this hot in November.  Probably

Beckie, team captain of the Ta Ta Sisterhood and Cat's fellow Arizona walker, shared her tips for training when it is just too hot outside in this helpful post

This week, it seemed like everyone was talking about how and what to pack for the 3 Day!  

First up, Caitlin of The Komen Experience shared her packing tips as she prepared for the Boston walk in this post.  

John of the 60 Miles 3 Days blog also shared his thoughts about packing for the Boston walk. John particularly focused on how to go about packing, rather than what to pack in this post that is chock-full of great tips.   

Finally, Shawn Ann, of the blog Shawn Ann's World, is starting to plan ahead about what she'll be packing for the Michigan 3 Day, which she discusses in this post.  One of the things Shawn Ann will be packing are her new New Balance 760 sneakers.  She reviewed Read her chosen sneakers here.  

Deanna, of the blog Deanna's 3-Day Journey recounted her first experience with fundraising via "canning" in this post

Christine of the blog Saving Second Base recently tackled her second 10 mile training walk which you can read about here.  Christine also shared the story of her wonderful traveling shirt and journal in this post.  

Ellyn Davidson of the blog Life After Breast Cancer, is getting political.  She has a special request - a petition on behalf of recognizing cancer "previvors" (that is, individuals who have learned they are carriers of a cancer gene that have opted to undergo preventative treatments in an effort to keep themselves healthy in the long term).  You can read more about her efforts and find a link for her petition here

All of this training and fundraising can be quite time consuming.  Leanne, of the Leanne... the Walker blog, talks about trying to find balance between her preparations for the 3 Day and her real life in this great post.

My girl Julie, of the Two Pink Chicks Fo(u)r Boobs blog, talks about the way that Twitter has transformed her 3 Day experience in this fun post

Finally Beth, of the blog Finding My Voice, shared some incredibly moving words with the Boston walkers that I think everyone taking on the 3 Day challenge in the coming weeks should read.  You can find her beautiful post here.  

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