3 Day Blog Round Up for July 23rd - 29th!

I'm almost caught up!  Just one more post after this and we'll be back on track!

First up, the Breast Cancer 3 Day folks recently debuted a new text message alert system.  Beckie of The Ta Ta Sisterhood covers all the relevant details including how to sign up for this service here

Leanne of the Leanne... the Walker blog, has been hitting the pavement in the heat of the deep south.  She shares her scary dehydration tale of warning in this important post. Be careful out there, everyone!

Nallie of the blog Pounding the Ground shares her top 10 fundraising tips, especially for students that are still in college in this great post.  I highly endorse all of her suggestions!  Nallie also found renewed inspiration in the stories and pictures from the Boston walk, which talked about here

Speaking of inspiration, Jenny, of the blog The Big Walk, shared the moving story of Donna H and her husband Jason, the inspiration for her 3 Day walk in this post.  Jenny has been training hard and shared the story of powering through her first 12 mile training walk in this post.  

This past weekend wasn't just the Boston walk, it was also the Atlanta Preview Expo!  Tammy K  of the blog My 3 Day Journey, talks about her experience at the Atlanta Expo here

Heidi, of the blog A Life Changing Journey, also made her way to Atlanta Expo.  But before she got there, she got some great news - she officially passed her fundraising goal!  Share your congratulations and read about her Expo experience here

Tanya, of the blog My 3Day Journey, marks the milestone of 100 days until the DFW event by sharing some fun facts and by reflecting on some important statistics that remind us all why we walk in this post

Tesa of the blog 2 Wired 2 Tired is gearing up for her walk in Cleveland by chatting with a number of veteran walkers and teams in her area.  First up, Tesa interviewed veteran 3 Dayers Marvin and Sharon Rothblatt about their family's involvement in the 3 Day, which you can read here.  Tesa also talked with the members of Team Envision A Cure, which you can read here.  Finally, Tesa talked with Team Breast Man Walking, which you can read here

The Coconutter Strutters team recently completed a 15 mile team training walk and made it look like fun too!  You can read all about it and check out their great pictures here.  

Lilly, of the blog Lilly's (note)Pad, updates everyone on her fundraising progress (including some great handmade pieces that she's selling!) and her recaps our recent Atlanta Tweeps Training Walk from her perspective in this newsy post

Cat, of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog decided to give the gym a second chance.  Find out how it went here

As of this past week, the Boston walk is in the books and the recaps are starting to roll in!

First up is John of the 60 Miles 3 Days blog.  Follow these links to read about his experience on Day 1, Day 2 (where my teammates and I make a cameo appearance!) and finally, on Day 3

Caitlin, the Energizer Blogger for Boston who blogs at The Komen Experience has also posted her thoughts on the Boston walk.  Her summary for Day 1 can be found here and her summary of Day can be found here.  Caitlin also reflected on her experience in Boston and the true meaning of the Discoveries flag that she carried during Opening Ceremonies in this great post

In the last of the Boston walk recaps, Lisa of the blog Whining Causes Blisters reflected on one of the highlights of her time in Boston in this post that really hit home for me.  As she says, it's all about the giggling.  

Finally, while reading all of the stories and seeing the pictures of the Boston walk is fun, it is important to remember the true reasons that we are all on this journey.  Ellyn, of the blog Life After Breast Cancer, reminds of those reasons and remembers her friend Lori who recently lost her battle with bresat cancer in this beautiful post.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comment. Hope your walk was great. 3 more days until my 3rd walk.

Tammy K said...

Thanks for the mention! Guess I need to read all the blogs more often :D