3 Day Blog Round Up for July 30th - August 5th!

I'm almost caught up, so let's just jump right into this one...

This week, we're going to start with some continued remembrances from the Boston walk a few walks ago.  First up, Lisa from the Whining Causes Blisters blog shared this great photo collage from the Boston walk. 

John, of the 60 Miles 3 Days blog reported on some of the changes that he noticed during the Boston walk compared to previous years in this informative post.  John also gave a shout out to all of the warriors against breast cancer that have been a part of his journey this year in this post

Finally, 3 Day for the Cure National Spokeswoman Jenne Fromme also shared her reflections on the Boston 3 Day in this wonderful post on her personal blog, JenneThink.

Moving away from Boston, DC and Dallas walker Catrina, of the blog Catrina's 2010 Story, writes about the madness of training and reminds us of why we all willingly have taken on that madness in this post

Christina, of the Saving Second Base blog, reported on the Philly Preview Expo in this post

Nicole, of the blog One Step at a Time, has returned from her blogging hiatus with the next in her series of interviews with 3 Day Rockstars.  This week, she is talking to the founder of The 60 Mile Men, Matthew Pickus.  You can find that great interview here

Michigan Keep Going Blogger Shawn Ann, of the blog Shawn Ann's World, also got into the interview game this past week when she talked to first time walker Jennifer Meyer.  You can read what Jennifer had to say here

Beckie, team captain of The Ta Ta Sisterhood, opines on the benefits of using Daily Mile to track and report your training in this post.  

Caitlin, of The Komen Experience blog, is asking for advice about where she should walk in 2011.  You can help her decide by voting in her poll here

Ellyn, of the blog Life After Breast Cancer, reports that her team, Ta Ta Breast Cancer, has raised over $100,000 for the Michigan walk.  Share your congratulations with her and her teammates here.  

Jenny, of the blog The Big Walk, talks about how what was going to be a simple fundraiser grew to be so much more in this post.  Jenny also recapped their team's highly successful Treasure Sale here

Online Ambassador Jay Furr wrote a number of incredible posts this week, all of which just perfectly encapsulate the true spirit of the 3 Day.  In one post, Jay's reflected on the significance of the 3 Day flags to him personally and to the 3 Day community at large.  You can find that post here.  Jay also wrote about the feeling of alone-ness that he felt during his first 3 Day experience and how that has shaped his 3 Day journey ever since in this post.  Finally, Jay will be hosting the infamous 3 Day Mug for the Twin Cities walk, which he talks about here.  

Deb, of the blog 60 Miles for Busts, reflects on all of the support that she has received from the 3 Day community in this post

Julie, of the team Two Pink Chicks Fo(u)r Boobs recently convinced me to take her on a 10 mile training walk tour of ITP Atlanta.  You can read all about our walk and see Julie's pictures here.  

While Julie and I were walking around Atlanta, Deanna, of the blog Deanna's 3-Day Journey, ventured out to another of my favorite walking spots, Stone Mountain for her first official training walk.  You can read all about it here.  Deanna also recently attended the Atlanta Preview Expo, which she wrote about here.   

Vanessa and the Coconutter Strutters are encouraging everyone to come out and cheer them on in Michigan.  Find out where to be to support the walkers and at what times in this post

The 2010 Cleveland 3 Day walk is officially in the books!  Energizer Keep Going blogger Tesa, who writes the blog 2 Wired 2 Tired, dedicated a number of posts over the past week to writing about her experience, which you can find at the following links:

Tesa also issued her own personal Keep Going award after the completion of the Cleveland walk.  Find out who she awarded it to here.  

Tina Seifer, of the blog 60 Miles 3 Days 1 Goal, also took part in the Cleveland 3 Day.  You can find her recap posts here:

With the conclusion of the Cleveland walk, it is now time to look ahead to the Chicago walk!  Lots of 3 Day bloggers were preparing for the Chicago walk last week, including Jillian, of the blog Chai Latte Please.  Jillian previewed her tent decorations for the Chicago event here

Becca, of the blog Becca's Stuff, shared some of her last minute thoughts before the Chicago walk in this post

Kaitlin, of the blog 3 KFine Days also shared her thoughts ahead of the Chicago walk here.  

And finally, Nallie of the blog Pounding the Ground wrote about her thoughts about walking in Chicago here.  

Beth, of the blog Finding My Voice, prepared for the Chicago walk by posting all of the information about the cheering stations and closing ceremonies.  It's too late to head out for the Chicago walk now (sorry!), but it's worth it to read her take on why community support during the 3 Day is so important.  You can find that post here

Finally, Megan, of the blog Fried Okra, has declared that she is decidedly not scared for the Chicago walk, which she talks about here.  And with that, Megan and her teammates are officially off to Chicago, as you can see in this great picture from Thursday night.  

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