Friday (but actually Monday) 3 Day Blog Round Up!

This past week, the 3 Day blogosphere trained, fundraised, looked back on the Chicago walk and started looking ahead to the Michigan walk!

First up, Heidi, of the blog A Life Changing Journey, shared photos from a recent training walk around her town, which you can see here

Rhea, the San Diego Keep Going Blogger who writes the blog Mommy 2 3 Monkeys, reported on her recent "training" as she explored New Orleans and the Grand Canyon.  You read more about her adventures here

John, of the blog 60 Miles 3 Days talks about finding balance in his life between the 3 Day and real life in the wake of the Boston walk in this post

Much like John, Cat, of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog, has been striving to find more balance in her life this week.  She wrote about her efforts to find the happy middle ground and how the new 3 Day Tweeps community has helped her find just that in this great post.  Cat also shared her pictures from the AZ Preview Expo, which you can see here

Beckie, of the Divine Secrets of the Ta Ta Sisterhood blog, also attended the Arizona Preview Expo.  You can read all about her experience here.  :

Leanne, of the blog Leanne... the Walker, talks about the importance of well planned training walks in this post.  Leanne has also been thinking about her 2011 walks and floated a new idea for a fundraiser in this post.  Head on over and offer her your feedback! 

Speaking of the 2011 3 Day season, Caitlin, of The Komen Experience blog took in all your feedback last week and has decided to walk in Atlanta next year as a part of "Team Twitter ATL"!  You can read more about her decision here.  

Julie, the Tampa Keep Going Blogger who writes the blog Whatever Julie, interviewed veteran walker and Central Florida Komen volunteer Cher Keller-Bodnar about her previous 3 Day experiences.  You can read that interview here.

Shawn Ann, the Michigan Keep Going Blogger who blogs at Shawn Ann's World, also got into the interview game this week.  You can find Shawn Ann's interview with veteran walker Kris Dombrowski here and you can find her interview with the captain of the Coconutter Strutters team, Vanessa DeKoekkoek here.   

Speaking of the Coconutter Strutters, Catherine (aka "Queenie Coconut") wrote this week about the extra significance of the Michigan walk this year - her mother (a survivor) is celebrating her 60th Birthday that weekend as well!  You can read her thoughts on this milestone here.  

Andrew, who writes the blog Thoughts from a 3 Day Crew Captain, observes that you can tell a lot about someone's character by how they approach fundraising, especially for crew members, for whom it isn't required.  You can find that post here.  

Online Ambassador Jay Furr is looking forward to the Twin Cities walk next weekend, which he wrote about here

Lisa, of the blog Whining Causes Blisters, talks about the book (and now movie) Eat Pray Love and notes that through the 3 Day, you can take a similar personal journey much closer to home in this great post

Christine, of the blog Saving Second Base, shared an inspirational thought that one of her supporters wrote on her Traveling Shirt in this post

This week saw a number of posts focusing on the reasons that different people have for choosing to participate in the 3 Day.  First up, Jenny, of the aptly named Reasons Why I Walk blog, shares the story of her friend and survivor Patty, one of the women who has inspired her 3 Day walk this year in this excellent post

Nicole, of the blog One Step at a Time, also reflected this week on her top ten reasons for walking in the 3 Day again this year in this post

Not to be outdone, Holly, of the blog I Like It Frantic, shared at least 25 reasons why she will be walking in the 3 Day this year in this post

Tracy, a survivor herself who writes the Team Tracy blog, shared stories and some photos from the Team Tracy Silent Art Auction fundraiser, which you can find here

Margie, of the blog Margie's Magenta Miles, shared a great comment from her mother (who is a survivor) that helped her put her recent training struggles into perspective in this post

The blogger for the Babes for Boobs Atlanta team blog (who's name I couldn't find - if it's you, let me know!) posted a picture a great little knicknack that her mother/teammate found to commemorate their 2009 and soon to be 2010 3 Day events, which you can see here

Jami, of the blog Jami's 3-Day Journey has decided not to let one missed training walk set her back any longer.  You can read her motivational post here

Rikki, of the blog Janice's Fight - Our 3 Day Journey, is experiencing something that I think all 3 Day walkers go through: she has become addicted to buying things that are pink.  You can read about her "pink madness" here

And finally, I wanted to wrap up with a series of reports from my fellow 3 Day bloggers that took part in the Chicago event last weekend.  
To start us off, Nallie of the blog Pounding the Ground, shares her report from camp at the end of Day 2 here and her post-event look back at Day 3 here

Paula, the Chicago Keep Going Blogger who writes at the blog Frosted Fingers, wrote a series of posts from camp at the end of each day.  You can find her recap of Day 1 here and her recap of Day 2 here.  She also shared a great photo of herself at the last mile of the 3 Day here

Megan of the blog Fried Okra posted a series of pictures via iPhone from the Chicago walk that are worth checking out.  Her photos include this fun photo from Opening Ceremonies, this photo of lunch on Day 1 and this great photo of her team heading out at the start of Day 2.  

Finally, Beth, of the blog Finding My Voice wrote this wonderful synopsis of her weekend at the Chicago 3 Day which is lengthy but well worth a read. 

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Frosted Fingers said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the linkup! I also got my day 3 post up today. (Nothing like a week late!)

Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

Paula - I saw that, it will be in next week's round up. I try to get the posts up on Friday, but I never actually succeed at that. Look for it over the weekend!

~ Kristen

Nallie said...

I wish we could have met up at the walk! They should do a shout out for bloggers who want to meet before the Camp Show :-)

Frantic Holly said...

Thank you Kristen for linking to me. It means alot to have fellow walkers' support.