The Story of 3 Day Mug

I have a coffee mug.  It is pink and 3 Day themed and I painted it as part of a 3 Day fundraiser for my friend Julie (aka @knittingbagel on Twitter).  And in the intervening months and weeks since I painted my mug, it has become quite famous.  It has become known, quite simply as "3 Day Mug".

Mug rose to prominence as a result of Julie and I's friendly bickering over whether it is better to live in intown Atlanta (or "ITP", which stands for Inside the Perimeter, where I live) or if the suburbs are preferable (that would be "OTP", where Julie lives).  Julie decided that they best way to prove that OTP life was better was to take my mug, which she was in temporary custody of, for a tour of all things Alpharetta, which she documented in a series of increasingly hilarious pictures throughout the course of one day.  And because all of this was taking place on Twitter, the adventures of Mug were witnessed by a large number of our fellow 3 Day participants, who quickly became quite enamored of Mug.

Soon enough, things started to get silly, as these things often do.  Before I knew it, Mug had her own blog (at http://2ladies1mug.wordpress.com/) and her own Twitter account (where she "tweets" as @3DayMug), neither of which I established but both of which entertained me mightily.  Mug was updating the world on her adventures fairly regularly and her legend was growing.

Mug is ready to walk!
As you may recall, I regained custody of the now rather famous 3 Day Mug during a training walk with my fellow Atlanta 3 Day Tweeps (which I posted about here) shortly before I left for the Boston 3 Day.  Given Mug's new level of notoriety, I decided to bring Mug with me to Boston to document the event from Mug's point of view.  It ended up being a ton of fun - almost like the Flat Stanley of the 3 Day.  And of course, almost as soon as Mug started tweeting and posting pics from the 3 Day, I had offers to take Mug to almost all of the other 3 Day events as well!

In addition to the Boston 3 Day, Mug also "walked" in the Michigan 3 Day last weekend and is currently en route to her host for the Twin Cities 3 Day next weekend.  After a short respite back home with me, 3 Day Mug will also be traveling to the DC, Philly, Atlanta, Tampa, Dallas, Phoenix and San Diego 3 Day events as well!  By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, she will be one well-traveled Mug!

The adventures of the 3 Day Mug really have nothing to do with raising money or working to find a cure for breast cancer.  In fact, 3 Day Mug doesn't even have anything to do with training to walk 60 miles.  But what the story of the 3 Day Mug does is perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the 3 Day community: fun, outgoing, generous, passionate.  We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we are passionate about our cause.  When we do something, we do it all the way.  And we are constantly reaching out and supporting each other in whatever crazy thing we are doing.  If the 3 Day Mug can help bring that spirit to life and help spread it around the country, then I am all for that.

As a part of that effort, I will try to link over Mug's blog whenever a post (or series of posts) goes up from one of the 3 Day events.  Mug's first event, as I mentioned, was the Boston 3 Day at the end of July.  You can find Mug's posts from that event at the following links:

Enjoy the silliness that is inherent in reading about and seeing the 3 Day from a Mug's eye view and be sure to watch out for future 3 Day Mug posts!

Reunited with 3 Day Mug!
(PS - I think I'm starting to win over Julie that ITP is better.  Check out her post about a recent training walk that we did where I took her on a great tour of Midtown Atlanta!)

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Brian said...

Thanks for the fantastic mugshots!

Somebody had to say it.

Frantic Holly said...

How awesome! Sounds like Mug is well loved.