Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up: March 11th - 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! This blog round up is a little longer than usual because there were so many great 3 Day blog posts this week that I couldn't narrow it down. Truly, this might be one of the best round ups I've ever posted. I hope everyone else enjoys reading these posts as much as I did!

First up, Leanne of the blog Leanne... the Walker, posted a great tutorial about how to get started blogging, which you can find here. Blogging about your 3 Day experience can be a great way to keep your supporters up to date, so if you aren't blogging already or want some more tips, be sure to check this out!

Also on the website/blogging front, the infamous Dusty Showers has relaunched his personal website, starting with a post about how he discovered his passion for breast cancer advocacy, which can be found here

Stefanie, who writes the Sisterly Steps blog, wrote last week about getting her kids involved in her fundraising and the important lessons that they learned by helping out. I missed this post on my last round up but I think it's well worth linking to now. You can find Stef's post here.

Jen, Stef's sister and teammate, wrote on her personal blog, And We're Walking... about their very successful bottle drive fundraiser. Read all about it, as well as Jen's thoughts on how the time change is going to affect her training, here.

Kris Moors, of the excellently named blog One Curb at a Time, decided to use her first blog post to write about her inspiration for getting involved in the 3 Day. You can find that post here.

Rikki, of the blog Janice's Fight, also kicked off her 2011 blogging by talking a bit about how and why she got involved in the 3 Day. You can find Rikki's post here.

Speaking of inspiration, Lyndsey of the blog My 3 Day Journey used her Training Tuesday post to remind that when you are in doubt, just charge up those hills, 3 Day style!

The Nashville teammates of the Music City Spirit blog wrote about their first team meeting for the 2011. Find out how trying to plan refreshments for the meeting turned into their first team building exercise here.
Christina, of the blog A Walk in Big Shoes, took a minute this week to wrote a brief recap of her experience at the Philly 2010 3 Day. She also explains her very happy reason for not walking in 2011, which you can find out here.

John, of the 60 Miles blog, eased some of his premature fundraising worries by writing about some of his fundraising plans for the coming months, which you can read about here.  Like Jay before him, John also posted his 2011 fundraising video this week. I hesitated to link to this because of my personal policy about promoting specific fundraising events for other people. However, I think John's sales pitch about "donating a mammogram" is particularly brilliant, so I wanted to be sure that others saw it too. You can watch John's video here.

Heidi, of the blog A Life Changing Journey, shared her thoughts on the similarities between natural disasters such as the one that is ongoing in Japan and a personal health crisis, like being diagnosed with breast cancer. Heidi's posts are always thoughtful and very well written and this is no exception. Be sure to read her beautiful post here.

Allie, an Atlanta 3 Day walker and survivor, who writes the blog So I Had Cancer... Now What? posted the first of three blog posts outlining what it felt like when she found out she had breast cancer. You can find this first chapter of Allie's story here.

Finally, I wanted to end with a post by Abbie of the blog Love Can Do Anything. Abbie learned this week that her stepmother has breast cancer. In light of her diagnosis, Abbie wrote an incredibly powerful piece about how the fight against these disease has been personal all along. You definitely do not want to miss this wonderful post!

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