Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up: February 25th - March 3rd

Happy reading everyone!

Julie, of the Two Pink Chicks blog is starting to get her pink mojo back - she's been doodling fundraising ideas!  Check out her doodles in her Pink Pic Friday post, here.

Roberta of the blog Journey to Atlanta shared a great picture from her first 3 Day walk in this post, which also included an important reminder about mammograms. Roberta also gave a shout out to her training walk group leader, Burt in this post. If you're ever in the NYC area, their group seems like a great one to walk with!

Jay Furr took some time this week to share his number one piece of advice for ALL 3 Day participants: to join the Share List. Read more about why he finds the Share List so important here. Jay also reposted this fabulous post of his from last year highlighting just exactly what this 3 Day thing is all about. Highly recommended!   

Michelle has been recapping her experience at the 2010 Philly 3 Day on her blog, aptly named Michelle's Walking Blog. This week, she shared her thoughts on Day 1, which you can read here.  

Abbie, of the Love Can Do Anything blog, used her first post as a 3 Day ambassador to remind everyone that if she can do it, you can do it too. You can find her inspirational post here.

Lyndsey, of the blog My 3 Day Journey, used her Wordless Wednesday post to recognize one of her smallest supporter. See who it is in this post.

Carolyn, who blogs at Life in the Granite State, wrote about kicking her 3 Day efforts for 2011 into high gear and the motivation behind merging her small team with a larger one in this post

Finally, Tracy Dart of the Team Tracy blog wrote a bit this week about becoming an ambassador for the 3 Day, which you can read here. Tracy also shared her thoughts on the unofficial 3 Day code of ethics, which I think perfectly sums up the 3 Day spirit. Be sure to read her wonderful post, here

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