An Update!

I'm back!

Sort of.

Earlier this week, I was thrilled to learn that I will again have the honor of serving as an Online Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure. At the time that I applied, I thought that being named an ambassador again was something of a long shot. While I have remained in touch with much of the online 3 Day community, I haven't been blogging and I'm not yet signed up for any events in 2011, for a number of reasons. But I love being something of a leader in the 3 Day community, especially when the newbies start to poke their heads out and ask for some help or encouragement. So I applied again and was pleased to receive the email on Monday confirming that I would again get to use this pretty pink badge and title for the coming year. 


That silly dissertation of mine that led to me sticking a "Do Not Disturb" sign up on my blog still isn't done. Writing a dissertation is hard, yo. So I have been weighing all week how I wanted to proceed, with the goal being to find a healthy balance between what I want to be doing (that is, all things 3 Day and cancer advocacy-related) and what I really, really need to be doing (writing my dissertation). I have had a stronger and stronger urge to dust off the blog and get started with 3 Day activities again over the past few weeks. I have organized a few unofficial training walks here in Atlanta for visiting walkers (which you can see a few photos from here and here) and met up with my fellow 3 Day Tweeps a handful of times over the past couple months. I've stumbled across a few great articles online that have triggered the "I have to blog about this!" response more and more regularly. And so far, I've been able to resist. But with the new excitement bubbling in the 3 Day community from the announcement of the new ambassadors to increasing numbers of Getting Started meetings and the start of Training Kick Off events, it is getting to be a bit too hard to stay away for much longer.

So I guess that means that, at least for now, Kristen Walks is back online, in a somewhat limited capacity (that dissertation isn't going to finish and defend itself, after all). For now, I am only planning on bringing back what ended up being on of the most popular features of this blog: the weekly round up of what's going on across the 3 Day blogosphere. I got to know a ton of great people by reading their blogs last year and I have had a number of people comment about what an excellent resource that was for them for discovering new blogs, making connections and strengthening our little community. So, it's coming back, starting tomorrow. Each Saturday, I will do my best to post links to the latest and greatest posts about all things 3 Day and cancer advocacy that I've found over the past week. 

I can't promise it will be up every week. It takes a bit of time to read all of the great blogs out there and some weeks, dissertation writing and school work will have to take precedence. But I will do my best. I'm really looking forward to getting my blogging legs back under me a bit and getting to know some of the newbies (both newbies to the 3 Day AND newbies to blogging!) over the coming weeks and months. I hope that you all enjoy it too.

See you tomorrow morning (or later tonight, as it turns out!), with a fresh batch of links!

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