Weekly 3 Day Blog Round Up!

Apologies that this is a little late this week.  I had a busy weekend helping a fellow 3 Day walker out with a fundraising booth.  Better late than never though!

First up, this week, Abby, of the blog Bigfoot To be Spotted at the Atlanta 3 Day, has officially joined forces with the team Pink for Life, which you can read all about here.  

Christine, of the blog Saving Second Base, shared some recent encouraging messages from her wonderful traveling shirt, which you can see here

Deanna, of the blog Deanna's 3 Day Journey, shared some great photos in this post from what had to be one of the most fun training walks ever - it was also a scavenger hunt!  I want to train with her team - so creative!

Cat, of the blog Fat Girl Walkin' ended up taking a scary detour to Urgent Care this week!  Read Cat's tale of caution here and remember - listen to your body! 

Nicole opened up her blog One Step at a Time to her guest blogger Jennifer Hicks this week, who shared her thoughts as she looks ahead to her first 3 Day event in Seattle.  You can read Jennifer's guest post here.  Nicole also put together a wonderful post with all the details about last week's highly anticipated release of Nancy Brinker's book Promise Me.  Nicole has kindly compiled all of the information about Ambassador Brinker's book tour and media appearances in this post, which I highly recommend.  

Speaking of Promise Me, Lyndsey, of the blog My 3 Day Journey also dove into Promise Me almost as soon as it was released.  She shared some her initial thoughts and reactions to the book here.  

Rhea, who writes the blog Mommy 2 3 Monkeys, wrote all about her and her teammate's recent Bingo for Boobies event in this post - complete with photos!  Rhea also shared a recipe for making Cake Pops that look a little bit like boobies here

Roberta, of the blog Journey to San Francisco... Again, shared some beautiful photos from her recent training walk around Central Park in this post

D'lyn, of the blog Meanderings of a 3 Day Mom, continued her series of great 3 Day posts this week, starting with this motivational post about just getting that fundraising done already.  Speaking of fundraising, D'lyn also took to her soapbox to encourage those individuals that have to already reached their minimums to help out their teammates who may be struggling in this post.  Finally, D'lyn was compiling some photos to use for some new 3 Day business cards and was kind of enough to share some her really wonderful shots with everyone in this post

John, of the blog 60 Miles 3 Days wrote this week about all the reasons why you really should stay in camp rather than opting for the comfort of a hotel in this post

Julie, of the blog Whatever Julie, recently interviewed Sue Rowland, a veteran 3 Day walker and crew member and 14 year breast cancer survivor.  Read what Sue had to say about her experience on the 3 Day here

Janene, of the blog My 3 Day Journey, shared her secrets for surviving the Twin Cities 3 Day event with healthy, happy feet in this post that is filled with helpful tips. Janene also wrote about how the 2010 3 Day changed her for the better here

On a similar note, Julie, of the blog Dutch Being Me, took some time last week to reflect on her past her experiences with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Breast Cancer 3 Day.  You can read her very thoughtful, moving here.  

And finally, Jay Furr shared his final wrap up from the Twin Cities walk and talked a bit about his new game plan for his two remaining walks this year in this post.  

Happy reading everyone!

Promise Me: How a Sister's Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer

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