Halfway there!

I thought I would share this letter that landed in my inbox from the Breast Cancer 3-Day people on Friday, just before my fundraising party:

Congratulations! You have reached a huge milestone in your Breast Cancer 3-Day journey: reaching half of the $2,200 fundraising minimum. You are so close to stepping foot on the Breast Cancer 3-Day and experiencing the event of a lifetime. You can do it!

Your fundraising efforts are invaluable. The dollars raised by dedicated women and men like you are making immense developments in the breast cancer movement. Breast Cancer 3-Day proceeds go toward breast cancer research, education and community outreach programs and are funding major advances in those areas.

For example, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the event’s primary beneficiary, recently allocated dollars to Dr. Joe Gray who is developing new techniques in the testing of drugs now being prescribed for other diseases to see if they might be useful in treating or preventing breast cancer. His lab is accomplishing in minutes what has historically taken decades.

In addition, the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund’s current grant recipients include programs in the areas of education and grassroots advocacy. One program in particular, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, is reaching out to underserved populations by increasing the range and availability of breast cancer materials, including Spanish-language materials.

Thank you for your help in eradicating breast cancer. We couldn’t do it without you and applaud your efforts this far. We know you can meet your goal so we can reach our goal of a world without breast cancer. Keep up the great work!


Eileen Heisman
CEO and President
National Philanthropic Trust

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