Ready to go!

Kelly and I are all packed up and ready to go! First, I laid out all of my stuff, just to make sure I had everything. I have a lot of stuff.

Then, everything went into very large baggies to keep my stuff dry and organized. Almost too organized, really.

And finally, everything went into large garbage and into the duffel bag that was lined with the tarps that will ultimately cover our tent. Clearly, the theme of packing was keep everything dry!

We are planning to hit the road for Opening Ceremonies around 5:30am tomorrow morning. Wish us luck, dryness and warmth!

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Sam and Janice said...


Best wishes on your 2008 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk.
So glad Mike and Kathy are able to be there to support you this year and to be with Mike.
Thank you for your mission and congratulations on reaching your goal.

Uncle Sam and Janice