I'm still alive, I promise!

Hi everyone!

Shenanigans and I went on our first 3-mile walk since the 3-Day event today and boy, am I out of shape! However, I got to thinking about the 3-Day as we walked around the neighborhood, and I realized that I am LONG overdue for an update on this blog.

First, apologies for not updating in the fall after the event. The late fall is always a busy time for me and this year was no exception. I have a major conference every fall that requires a lot of prep time, and while I opted not to attend at the last minute, I was still very busy up until then in the hopes that I could scrape together enough data for a presentation. After that, I got a new computer which took a lot of time to set up, and shortly thereafter, we hosted Thanksgiving Dinner, a major Christmas Party for our friends and Mike's family over Christmas. All in all, it was a busy fall and long story short, I ran out of time.

I still have every intention of recapping the 3-Day event from last fall, both on this blog and in follow up letters to all of my donors. Even more importantly, I have a slew of thank you notes that need to go out. I will be making all of that my priority from here on out and am hoping to have it wrapped up by the end of April. Feel free to hold me to that!

Finally, I have not made a decision about walking in the 3-Day again in 2009. I fully intend to walk again in the future, but 2009 may not be feasible for me. I have a wedding to attend the weekend of the Atlanta event (congrats Anj and Kurt!), so if I walk again, it will have to be in another city (perhaps DC?). I am also hoping to finish up grad school once and for all this fall, so hopefully, I will be really tied up with that. I will be sure to update here once I make a decision one way or the other. Regardless, I am definitely going to be walking in the Atlanta Race for the Cure in May, so look for updates on that as well.

Thanks so much for staying with me through all of this. I'm really excited to share all of our adventures from the 3-Day with all of you!


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