Friday 3 Day Links!

As you might expect, I'm currently following a number of 3 Day focused blogs and Twitter feeds.  Over the past week or so, there have been a number of great posts that I thought I would pass on here.  Look for this to become a regular feature every few weeks or so.

I wasn't able to attend the Candy Coburn show at Smith's Olde Bar because I had something else come up.  If you likewise missed the show, you should check out this clip on Fox Atlanta of Candy performing "Pink Warrior" and discussing the new partnership between Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Planet Smoothie here in Atlanta.

I discovered a really fantastic team blog this week for the Betties for Boobies team for the DFW 3 Day event.  They are currently featuring a great series of posts for first time walkers that I think everyone can benefit from.  I especially liked this post about fundraising and today's post about people not "getting it."

One of the best 3 Day blogs is Leanne... The Walker.  Leanne is walking in both Atlanta and DFW this year.  In DFW, Leanne will be joined by her younger sister Courtney who was the recipient of a huge donation this week from someone she had never met.  Leanne relays that great story in this post.

Tina Seifer, a walker for the Cleveland 3 Day, has been hard at work designing 3 Day team logos in exchange for donations.  You can see some her great work here.

I love the idea of this pink ribbon tree that Atlanta walker Tammy K. came up with.  Such a great conversation starter!

Finally, be sure to check out this fun video from Leah Jones about how she used Twitter to generate $361 in donations in under an hour!

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