You're Invited to the American Cancer Society Bark for Life!

As I've said a few times, when it comes to cancer research and awareness, every little bit helps, regardless of where it comes from.  So today I wanted to give my fellow Atlanta residents a head's up about an event that is happening tomorrow and that I just learned about today:

This is from the official website for the Bark for Life:

Bark For Life is the canine version of Relay For Life, the American Cancer Society’s signature activity.  “Bark” contains all of the elements of its human counterpart – opening ceremony, lap around the field, games, entertainment, and fundraising opportunities – compressed into a fun-filled Saturday morning.

Relay For Life’s motto is “Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.” Bark For Life embodies the concept of Celebration – a celebration of life and of unconditional love, and of their ability to empower us through our relationships with our pets.  By dedicating a morning to our furry friends and the special role they play in our lives, Bark For Life offers the entire community an opportunity to actively engage with the American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer by raising awareness and needed funds for continued research, programs, service, education, and advocacy.

Our canine companions offer us joy, security, and compassion. Your participation in Bark For Life honors these important family members, while supporting the life-saving mission of the American Cancer Society. 

 Bark For Life provides an irresistible way to “take a bite out of cancer.” 
The Bark for Life is taking place on Saturday, March 13th from 9am to 1pm.  The event is being held at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA.  If you are interested in participating, registration costs $10 and will begin at 9am at the Picnic Shelter.  The relay itself will begin at 10:15am and is a one mile walk around Piedmont Park.  For more information, including the event schedule, participation guidelines and canine etiquette expectations, please visit the Bark for Life website.

As you guys know, my number one training partner for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure is my lab/collie mix Shenanigans.  I'm always a little sad when the 3 Day rolls around and she can't be out there walking along with me, especially since she trains so hard for it.  I think the Bark for Life sounds like a great opportunity for both of us to help out in our community and I hope that you'll think about coming out for it as well!

Shenanigans on the Silver Comet Trail, during a training walk for the 2008 Breast Cancer 3 Day

Special thanks to the folks at Highland Pet Supply for letting me know about this great event!


Leanne...the walker said...

What a fantastic event! Wish we could take our Lucy today. She's my best training buddy also. She's a rat terrier and she can go at least 8 miles with me in the heat, even though she's only 11 lbs! Dogs are the best encourager to keep going. Thanks for posting this!

Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

This was a great event!

Depending on the heat, she can walk up to about 12 miles with me. With her black fur, though, she tends to get really hot, really fast on hot day without LOTS of water. A lot of times, that's our limiting factor: can I carry enough water to get both of us through the walk?

And I agree - dogs are the best!

~ Kristen