Friday 3 Day Blog Round Up!

Time for my favorite post of the week - 3 Day blog links!

First up, Julie of the new Two Pink Chicks blog shares her reasons for walking in this post.  Includes a cute picture of her daughter!

I seriously wish that I could link to just about everything that Cat of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog writes.  This week, I will specifically point you to this post about the little victories in training and this GREAT post about using your tax refund to invest in life.

Catherine of the Saving Second Base blog is officially halfway to her fundraising minimum for the Philadelphia 3 Day.  In light of this accomplishment, she shares some thoughts about the impact of the 3 Day on her life in this post.  

John of the 60 Miles blog has been busy this week.  I highly recommend this post called "Don't be Defeated by Da Feet!" as well as this post about the reasons for joining a team.  You all know that there's currently a discounted registration fee for anyone who joins or starts a team for the 3 Day, right?

Miss Heidi of a Life Changing Journey writes about her sister and teammate Michele in this sweet post.  

Over on the Betties for Boobies blog, Lyndsey continues her First Time Walker Fears series with this post, where she talks about preparing for the "pain" of walking in the 3 Day. 

Janine of Athena's Armoury has launched her fundraising auction!  Check out all the goodies up for grabs here.

Leanne of Leanne... the Walker shows off her new 3 Day goodies that arrived this week in this post.  Includes some fantastic thank you notes and a team banner! 

Speaking of 3 Day goodies, Jen of the My 3 Day Journey blog was very excited to receive her new camelbak this week and Jenny of The Big Walk blog got fitted for her new sneakers

One of the most powerful blog posts that I read this week was this post by Lauri on the 60 Mile Thoughts blog.  Lauri's post truly helped to remind me about the true value of every minute that we walk on the 3 Day.  A must read for all 3 Day walkers, crew members, supporters, donors and even people just passing through.

Megan of the Fried Okra blog took some time this week to share the story of her friend Meagan in this post titled "New Life, Day 1".  An incredibly moving celebration of life in the wake of breast cancer.  Includes a video that will totally make you cry.

And finally, this week saw bloggers from all walks of life taking part in this blogging event by dedicating posts to helping Jackie of the Betties for Boobies reach her fundraising goal.  Cat of Fat Girl Walkin' wrote this highly recommended post as part of that blogathon which convinced me to take part as well.  You can find my post about this fundraiser here

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