Friday 3 Day Links!

As I started last week, here is a sampling of some of great things that I've seen in the 3 Day blogging community this week:

The Betties for Boobies continued both their "First Time Walker Tips" and "First Time Walker Fears" series of posts this week.  I especially recommend this post about First Time Fundraising Fears.  In addition, today's First Time Walker Tips features an extensive list of companies that do Direct Sales parties to help with your fundraising.  That post can be found here.

Washington, DC walker Jenny K O'Brien writes about incorporating her walk home from work into her training now that spring has sprung.  That post can be found here.  Includes pictures from her recent training walks!

The US Army Reserve featured this story of Staff Sergeant Amanda Tudryn's preparations for the 2009 Breast Cancer 3 Day.  Definitely worth a quick read! 

D'lyn Biggs of the Meanderings of a 3 Day Mom blog writes about dealing with rejection in the "Princess's Guide to 'No'".  An excellent reminder for anyone trying to raise money for anything! 

John from www.60miles3days.com wrote this great article on starting small and starting early in your 3 Day fundraising.

Jillian Duchnowski of the Chai Latte Please blog continued her Friday FundRAISER series with this post from her training partner Mandy about hosting a "Bubbles for Boobies" fundraising party.  Lots of creative ideas in there!

Dallas 3 Day crew member Nicole has been featuring a series of interviews with "Rockstar Walkers/Crew" on her blog One Step at a Time.  Today's interview with Dusty Showers of The 2nd Basemen was particularly interesting and definitely worth a read.  That interview can be found here.  I can't wait to meet Dusty in Boston!

Finally, Cat of the newly formed Fat Girl Walkin' blog shared this really personal letter from a friend who doesn't think Cat will finish the whole 3 Day.  If we 3 Dayers are anything, we are supportive of each other and we believe that nothing is impossible.  Show Cat some love by checking out her blog post here.

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