Friday (Sunday?) Blog Round Up!

We're getting to this a bit late this weekend but I've still got lots of blog recommendations for everyone from this past week in 3 Day Blogville!

Veteran 3 Dayer "60 Mile Girl" of the 60 Mile Thoughts blog wrote a number of very thoughtful posts this week.  I particularly recommend this post about the support of her family on her 3 Day journey and this post about how realizing that relative to what others endure in the fight against breast cancer, the 3 Day is ultimately "just a walk". 

3 Day walker Janine of Athena's Armoury is halfway to her fundraising minimum!  To celebrate, she's hosting a giveaway on her blog.

Cat from the Fat Girl Walkin' blog is building a playlist for training.  Recommend some of your favorite songs here.

This week, I stumbled across DivaKitty's deceptively simple 3 Day training and photo blog.  One photo and a short sentence or two about training for each day.  Highly recommended! 

Kacie of the No Mystery Left blog recounts why the 2009 San Diego 3 Day was the highlight of her year in this post.   

Beth Kujawski of the Finding My Voice blog talks about how you're never walking "alone" on the 3 Day in this wonderful post.   

I have no idea who linked me to this, but I love this music video for "When Pink is Just a Color Again".

Finally, there was a lot of discussion across the blogs this week about motivation.  It started with this must read post from Leanne of Leanne... the Walker where she talked about how she stays motivated during the long lead up to the 3 Day.  She followed up that post with this great piece about the 57th Mile and her inspiration on the event.  

Following Leanne's posts, I started seeing a number of other posts across our blog community that also dealt with this theme.  Some were direct responses to Leanne and others weren't, but I thought they were all worth sharing.  For a dose of inspiration, read on!

First up, Nicole of the One Step at a Time blog responds to Leanne and shares her personal motivation as well as a poem from a friend.  

Cat of Fat Girl Walkin' also chimed in with two posts, the first about her individual reasons for walking the 3 Day and the second, called "How About Possible?" talks about finding motivation from all around. 

Heidi of the blog A Life Changing Journey has been sharing a series of stories about the people that inspire her and her sister to walk.  I was especially moved by Trudy's Story and by Savonda's Story which I was lucky enough to hear in person at the 2008 Atlanta 3 Day.

Jenny of The Big Walk blog is inspired by her choir mate and breast cancer survivor Nancy D., as she explains in this post.


Athena's Armoury said...

Thanks for sharing my celebration & giveaway!

missheidi821 said...

Thanks, Kristen, for include me in your Round Up. This is my first 3-Day and first blogging adventure. You including me makes it feel worthwhile. Thanks again!

Jenny H. said...

Thanks for linking to my post - love yours, and am happy to be part of the community!

dkm3day said...

Thanks for the link love! I'm pretty excited to be walking this year in October. This is my first walk. Nice to see so many others bloging about their training as well. ~Michelle (AKA DKM)