Two New, Free Ways to Support Relentless Optimism!

If you've visited the Relentless Optimism Fundraising blog over the last few days, you may have noticed a few changes to our sidebar in the form of ads.  After some discussion, we have decided to "monetize" our blog to help us raise money for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure by participating in the Amazon Associates program.  Rest assured, we are not trying to make any money off our team blog for ourselves.  Rather, it is our hope that through this partnership, we can give everyone an opportunity to support Relentless Optimism in the Boston 3 Day for the Cure without having to spend an extra dime of their own money.  To learn all the details, please read on!

Amazon Associates

Relentless Optimism has now formed a mutual partnership with Amazon.com as part of their Amazon Associates program.  Through this program, we agree to provide free advertising for Amazon and their products on our blog.  In exchange, every time someone accesses Amazon.com through a link on our blog, we get a small kickback from the sale of up to 15% of the sale total donated to our team for the 3 Day.  It's just as simple as that! 

To support Relentless Optimism in this way, anytime you are doing any shopping on Amazon.com, please visit either Kristen Walks or the Relentless Optimism fundraising blog first.  Then scroll down the right hand sidebar of either site until you see the Amazon search box under the heading "Support Relentless Optimism by Shopping with Amazon!".  Enter whatever it is you're looking for in the search box and you will be automatically redirected to the Amazon.com website to make your purchase just like you normally would.  Once you're there, you can add as many items to your shopping cart as you want.  You only have to click through our website when you first enter the Amazon website.  And that's it.  You don't have to add an additional donation to your total or enter a promotional code or anything!

Please note that regardless of which blog you access Amazon through, all of the funds generated through this program will be donated to Relentless Optimism as a team.

Oh, and one last point.  If you are using an ad-blocking program, you will not be able to view either the Amazon ads at the bottom of each post or the Amazon search box (although the "Support Us..." heading should still show up).  Simply turning off your ad blocker will make them visible.  Trust me, I learned this one the dumb way.

So now that we've made it so easy to support us, what are you waiting for?  Get shopping on Amazon today!

Search Amazon.com for Breast Cancer Awareness

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