Friday 3 Day Blog Round Up!

Lauri of the 60 Mile Thoughts blog shares her experience at the Boston Preview Expo in this post.  Be sure to read the story she relates at the end of the post - very moving! 

Christina of A Walk in Big Shoes participated in the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Walk in Philadelphia as part of her 3 Day training.  Read all about that event and her personal training victory here.

Janine of Athena's Armoury got the all clear from her doctor to start walking again after being sidelined with plantar fascitis for the past few weeks!  To celebrate, she posted the Pink Warrior music video that inspired her Pink Warrior collection of chain maille jewelry. You can join in her celebration here

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, Cat of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog wrote this beautiful post about her relationship with her mother and how that has helped to her inspire her 3 Day journey. Cat also got some great new pink tiaras to wear for the event that you can check out here.

This week saw two veteran walkers share the story of their first 3 Day experience.  First up, Betties for Boobies team member Jackie walker talks about her first 3 Day event in Dallas in 2009 in this blog post.  Lilly, of Lilly's (Note)Pad, also relayed the tale of her first 3 Day walk in Philadelphia in 2007 here.

It sounds like everyone around the 3 Day community is really starting to ramp up their training.  As a result, lots of bloggers are sharing their practical tips to get the most out of your 3 Day experience.  I've grouped together some of the best training posts here:  

Mandy of The Pink Purpose blog talks about why everyone should be using the Message Boards and how to get the most out them in this great post.  On a related note, Leanne of Leanne... the Walker also talks about the Share List and how she used it to find a nearby walking buddy here.  

Leanne also wrote this helpful post about buying sneakers for the 3 Day and why it's important to get the right ones.  A good read for anyone wondering if they really need a new pair of kicks!   

Christine of the Saving Second Base blog shares some important training safety tips in this post that serves as a great reminder for all of us walkers.   

Jenny of The Big Walk blog talks about the pros and cons of training on a track instead of the sidewalk here.

Tina of the 60 Miles, 3 Days, 1 Goal blog reminds us again about the importance of proper hydration in this post.  She also talks about why she prefers to use a waist pack instead of a Camelbak. 

If you're planning to forgo serious 3 Day training this year, I highly recommend that you read this post by Ta Ta Sisterhood team captain Beckie.  In that post, Beckie talks convincingly about why training is critically important to successfully completing the 3 Day, even for those who consider themselves physically fit already!   

Finally, I wanted to wrap up this blog round up with this thoughtful post by Jay Furr about why sometimes a big donation is a bad thing.  Having seen how my fundraising has gone up and down with Mom's cancer battle, this post really hit home for me.  Highly recommended! 

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