Friday 3 Day Links!

Lots of great links this week!

First up, Laurie of 60 Miles or Bust recently took part in the North Texas Race for the Cure with her teammate Nikki.  You can read about their experience on their team blog here and on Laurie's personal blog, La Vie de Laurie, here.  

With the first 3 Day event of the season just over a month away, everyone should be starting to think about what gear they need.  To get you started, Leanne, of the Leanne... The Walker blog, shared some of her favorite 3 Day gear recommendations in this post.

One of the most important pieces of gear that all 3 Day walkers need to think about is some form of pack.  Catrina of Catrina's 2010 Story reviewed the lumbar pack that is available on www.Shop3Day.com in this post.

A Road ID won't save you from blisters, but it will keep you safe.  The Betties for Boobies has a discount code for ordering your own Road ID here, as does Cat of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog (click here) and Tammy K of the blog My 3 Day Journey (click here).  By my count, that should provide be enough for 60 people to get discounted Road IDs.  What are you waiting for?

Lisa of the Whining Causes Blisters blog talks about self expression in the 3 Day community and beyond in this highly recommended post about fake cows, hot pink skirts and beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

On the fundraising front, Caitlin of the blog The Komen Experience shares a few great ways to fund raise in your own community.  You can find all of her great suggestions here.

One of Caitlin's fundraising suggestions is a community-wide yard sale.  Stacie from the 3 Day Walk for the Cure blog recently hosted a very successful yard sale of her own and shares her best tips in this helpful post

Cat of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog is contemplating becoming a Dove chocolatier as a way of raising funds and is looking to gauge interest in the 3 Day community.  Read more about her proposal and share your thoughts here, but be warned: the pictures WILL make you hungry for chocolate.   

Christine of Saving Second Base talks about healthy eating during training and beyond in this post on  Nutrition 101.  No mention of Dove chocolates in that post!

Christina of A Walk in Big Shoes puts the 60 miles distance that we'll all be walking into perspective in this post.

If you think walking that 60 miles in 3 Days is crazy, you should check out what Jay Furr is doing this weekend!  He's planning to walk 60 miles IN ONE DAY.  Read about his plans here and check back next week to see how it went!

Even if you aren't walking as far as Jay is, those long walks can sure get tedious.  John of the 60 Mile, 3 Days blog shares some ideas about how to pass the time during training walks in this post.  I never noticed how many lions are in my neighborhood until I read this! 

John has also continued his video series documenting veteran walkers' favorite 3 Day Moments.  This week, John posted videos from the Lynda's Ladies team captain Jennifer (which you can see here) and from the Coconutter Strutters team captain Vanessa, here.  

Laurie from the 60 Mile Thoughts blog is also preparing to record a video with John.  In preparation, she started thinking about 3 Day Moments versus 3 Day Memories.  She shares her favorite 3 Day Moments in this thoughtful post.  Laurie has also been walking in the rain again.  This week, she reflects on how focusing on the happy ending can help motivate you when the going gets tough in this post.

John isn't the only 3 Day walker in his family!  His sister Julie talks about how John has inspired her own 3 Day journey in this post on her own 3 Day blog, 3Days.

Speaking of family, Carol of the Pounding the Ground blog talks about how sometimes taking a break from training is a good thing in this great post.

While we are appreciating family, Jenny of the Two Girls Walkin' blog talked about her son's commitment to the Marine Corp. in this heartfelt post.  Her story isn't explicitly about the 3 Day, but she does make some great observations about the shared reasons that we all have for taking on challenges bigger than ourselves in the pursuit of a better world.  Well worth the read!  

Jenny also wrote about her and Ellie's first official training walk around New York City here.

Of course, we can't talk about family without mentioning the commitment that Nancy Brinker made to her sister Susan G. Komen.  Tesa, of the 2 Wired 2 Tired blog took some time this week to talk a bit about the inspiration behind Komen for the Cure in this interesting post

Abby of the Bigfoot 3 Day for the Cure blog lives over four hours away from the nearest 3 Day city.  Read her tips for staying in touch with the 3 Day community when you live out of town in this post.

Finally, Bridget of My Big Girl Pants continues to provide her unique insight into the fight against cancer.  This week, Bridget talks about the potential side effects of her continued exposure to radiation in the name of defeating cancer in this fantastic post that reminds us what we're really walking for. 

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