Not Quite Friday 3 Day Blog Links

A little late due to the holiday weekend, but still just as much good stuff as ever!

First up, Heidi, who writes the blog A Life Changing Journey talks about the contagious nature of breast cancer awareness and activism in this great post.

Last week, I linked to a post by Jillian of the Chai Latte Please blog about blister care.  This week, Jillian wrote a follow up to that post where she compiled all of the best blister care suggestions that she received on Facebook.  You can find all of those helpful tips here

Margie, of Margie's Magenta Miles shares her frustrations with plantar fasciitis in this post.  

Julie from the Two Pink Chicks Fo(u)r Boobs team recaps her wonderful Pottery for the Cure fundraiser in this post.  Be sure to look for me painting my mug in one of the pictures!  

A bunch of people passed their fundraising minimums this week, including Kaitlin of the 3 KFine Days blog and Leanne of the Leanne... the Walker blog.  You can join in the celebration and share your congratulations on Kaitlin's post here and Leanne's post here.   

Tina of the 60 Miles, 3 Days, 1 Goal blog attended the Cleveland Preview Expo and got just the jolt of 3 Day spirit that she needed.  You can read all about it in this post.   

While Tina and the Cleveland walkers are already attending the Preview Expo, walkers for the later events are just kicking off their training.  Lauri and Nikki of the team 60 Miles or Bust shared their thoughts about the first of the training kick off events they attended in Texas in this great post.  Be sure to read Nikki's story about her initial inspiration for joining the 3 Day in '08 and her experience at that first training kick off event.  Laurie also recaps their second training kick off event, in Frisco, Texas, here

The Arizona walkers also kicked off their training this week!  Cat of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog shares her experience at the Arizona Training Kick Off and shows off her gnarly blisters in this post.  Beware the gruesome blister pictures! 

Cat also took some time this week to talk about another major aspect of the 3 Day training events - getting to be a part of the larger 3 Day community.  You can check out her wonderful thoughts on the 3 Day community in this highly recommended post.

Jenny of blog The Big Walk shares some suggestions for keeping your training interesting when you're limited to walking in a small neighborhood in this helpful post.  

Jon of the 60 Miles, 316,800 Feet blog is back with more helpful tips for first timers, this time about PortaPotties.  You can find his thoughts on PortaPotty etiquette here

Speaking of helpful tips for first timers, Betties for Boobies team member Jackie explains why you should find yourself a driver for the 3 Day in this post.  Jackie also shares a really great suggestion for anyone that can't bear to be without their cell phone for a few days - Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers!  Find out which brands she recommends in this post

Becki, the captain of the Ta Ta Sisterhood team talks about her team's first training walk and shares some good tips that they picked up in this post.  

Tammy from the My 3 Day Journey blog also talked about training walks this week.  She recapped her first 10 mile walk as an official Training Walk Leader here.   

While you're out training, you need to stay hydrated.  Christine of the Saving Second Base blog swears by her favorite water bottle, the Intak bottle by Thermos.  Find out why she thinks it's the best water bottle out there in this post.

Christine also recently hosted a highly successful bake sale as part of her fundraising.  You can read all about it in this post and you can watch a great video about the event here.  I'm drooling just looking at all the great treats she had for sale!  

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