A Very Belated Week in Review

Things have just gone off the rails in terms of my schedule because of the long weekend.  I'm trying to get caught up now, though!


This was a HUGE week for me for fundraising!  My fundraising letters have continued to bring in the donations, both online and in the form of checks via the mail.  All told, I received 9 donations this week totaling $545!  Two of the donations were made online which just squeaked me over the fundraising minimum at $2301.  Success!!  That means that I can now divvy up the remaining checks among my other teammates that still have yet to reach their minimums.  It's great to know that I've reached my minimum and it's even better to be to help out my teammates.

In addition to my personal fundraising, our team also had the last full week of our Tastefully Simple fundraiser that is being run by my teammate Jen.  Jen tells me that we've generated more than $1000 in sales, so we should be seeing a pretty nice donation coming in from that as well.  Finally, I helped my teammate Sharon promote her fundraising event that she held last Friday.  No word yet on how she did, but I'm hopeful that she raised enough to put her over her fundraising minimum as well.

As always, I need to give some recognition to all of my donors this week, especially since this was such a big week for me for fundraising.  This week I received generous donations from my husband's uncle Dave Warfield and his uncle Sam Cincotta and his wife Janice.  I also received donations from a number of Mike's parents' friends, including John and Beverly Poli, Pat and Judy Hayes, Patty Patriarco and Tom and Maureen Harrington.  I also received donations from some old friends and coworkers of my parents, including Dennis Howe and Ron and Patty Irish.  Finally, my mom was really excited to be able to make the online donation that officially put me over the minimum, something that she did for Jen as well.  So thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone!


It was a bit hectic to get in all my training this week, but I was able to squeeze in almost all the miles I had planned, both walking and running.  All together, I walked 27.2 miles and I ran an extra 9.8 miles.  That puts my walking miles at 365.93 miles to date and my running miles at 87.9 miles to date.  In order to get everything in this week, I had to double up on running and walking on two different days last week.  For the most part, I was able to handle it physically without a problem.  I will say that my hip was really aching after I finished running on both Thursday and Friday and it was really painful on my post-walk runs.  I don't think this is going to erupt into anything that will keep me from walking the 3 Day, but it's worth keeping an eye on over the next couple weeks.

By far, though, the highlight of my training week was the Reeves Family Training Walk along the Niagara River on Sunday.  I wrote about it in this post, so I won't repeat it all here.  We had beautiful weather throughout the walk and it was wonderful to get a chance to catch up with everyone.  Thanks so much for all your support, Reeves Family!

Extra Stuff

Because of my trip up north, I didn't have a lot of time for extra 3 Day activities this week.  I did take some time to prepare a fundraising letter that our team is going to use to begin approaching some businesses in our home town about sponsoring our team.  I also submitted a press release to our local paper, The Cortland Standard, about writing an article about our team and I'm thrilled to say that it was accepted!  I'll be sure to post a copy of the article here when it comes out so everyone can see it.  I'm really excited about this extra publicity for our team.  Marcia was a huge part of our community back home and I'm hoping that when people who knew her read the article, they will be motivated to learn more about the 3 Day and may even make some more donations!

Coming Up Next Week...

After the big week last week, fundraising is going to be taking a little bit of a backseat this week.  I am optimistic that I'll see some more checks in the mail this week and I'm probably going to contact some of my mom's business associates about donations, but otherwise, I won't be doing much active fundraising. The one thing I will definitely be doing is wrapping up the end of our Tastefully Simple fundraiser that we were running in May and kicking off our Mary Kay fundraiser that we will be running through the month of June.  Look for a post about that over on the Relentless Optimism blog later this week.

Training is going to be really intense this week since I flipped the Week 8 recovery mileage with the Week 9 hardcore mileage last week.  That means that I'm planning two 6 mile training walks during the week and 15 mile and 11 mile training walks over the weekend.  I'm also going to try to fit in three runs this week of 2 mile, 3 mile and 4 mile lengths.  Because this is a short week, that means two days where I'm looking at running and then walking six miles.  Hopefully my hip can handle the pounding and I come out of this week in good shape!

In addition to all that training, this week also all about catching up on my 3 Day blog.  I've been working on a number of longer posts that I'm scheduling to post here over the next two weeks or so.  I know that my lab work is going to pick up next week, so I'm trying to get ahead a little bit.  That way, we can hopefully avoid the dreaded dead blog during the week that I've had lately.  

Finally - the travel info was released for the Boston 3 Day event!  That means it's time to coordinate all of my teammates' travel plans for the weekend, as well as organizing my friends and family that will be in town to support all of us.  I won't be publishing all of the specifics about our travel plans here, but you can expect posts here soon about the specifics for Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

And I think that's all for this past week.  We are definitely in the heart of preparations for the 3 Day now!

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