Boston 3 Day Weather Forecast

With the Boston 2010 3 Day for the Cure just five days away, it's time to check in on the weather forecast for the weekend:

Image and forecast courtesy of The Weather Channel.

Well that certainly looks wet.  However, I refuse to panic about the possibility of walking in the rain again this year.  I checked the extended forecast for Boston yesterday and it looked completely different.  Mid to upper 80s and no rain whatsoever.  I will definitely be checking back again before I leave for Boston but I will probably pick up an extra rain poncho just in case.

I am, however, very excited that the low temps are around 70 degrees.  When I've done the 3 Day in the past, the event has been in October.  While the October date does make for some more tolerable temperatures during the day, it also means that it's about 40 degrees at night while we're out sleeping in tents.  So sleeping in 70 degree weather will be a welcome change, even if we are dodging rain drops!

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Jenny H. said...

Wow - your first 3-day of this year is coming up quick! Hope you have great weather and a great time!