Friday 3 Day Blog Round Up!

Let's take a look back at last week's Twin Cities 3 Day event and start looking ahead to Denver, shall we?  But first, let's look at what everyone else has been talking about in the 3 Day blogosphere!

First up this week, Holly, who writes the blog I Like it Frantic, interviewed a veteran walker named Mary, which she shared in this post. Holly also put out a call for mail at the DC 3 Day event in this post. 

Cathy Miller, of the blog Simply Stated Business, shared the three power lessons she has learned during her six 3 Day events in this post

Jillian, of the blog Chai Latte Please has been recapping her experience at the Chicago event in a series of "3 Day Deconstruct" posts that I highly recommend.  First up, Jillian shared some pictures from her team's pre-event party which you can see here. Jillian also reflected on her awesome team captain and asked about what others think make a good team captain in this post. Finally, Jillian shared this touching letter from an 18 year old walker on her 3 Day team which is well worth reading.  

Lauri, of the blog 60 Mile Thoughts, shared two personal experiences this week that led her to realize the real reason that we all walk in the Breast Cancer 3 Day: Because it's a great day to be alive!  You can find that great post here

On a related note, Jenny, of the blog The Big Walk, has the perfect answer for just about any training excuse which she summed up in this short yet awesome post

D'lyn, of the blog Meanderings of a 3 Day Mom, is on a mission to post one of what she calls her "Princess Guides" to the 3 Day at least once per day from now until the Dallas event this fall.  While I can't link to everything she writes, I did want to highlight some of my favorites.  In this great post, D'lyn urged everyone to start spreading the word about their participation in the 3 Day and offered a few suggestions about how to go about doing just that.  D'lyn also pushed everyone to start their fundraising if they haven't already in this post.  Finally, this post, in which D'lyn compared the 3 Day experience to a dog on a jet ski (replete with pictures of her dog on a jet ski!) particularly made me laugh.   

Cat, of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog, talks about the need to take care of yourself if you're going to Keep Going! in this post

Abby, of the blog Bigfoot to be Spotted at the Atlanta 3 Day, talks about the awesomeness that is the 3 Day Tweeps in this post

Tanya, of the blog My 3Day Journey, talks about finding the inspiration to keep going with her training in her surroundings as she walked in this post

The Chi Chi Mamas team in DFW wrote about their softball tournament/carnival fundraiser in this post.  Sounds like an amazing event! 

Julie, the Tampa Keep Going Blogger that writes the blog Whatever Julie, took some time to recognize her various training partners in this post

Rhea, the San Diego Keep Going Blogger that writes the blog Mommy 2 3 Monkeys, has hit a low point in her training for the 3 Day and could use a dose of Keep Going! spirit.  You can read about her frustrations and offer her some support here.  

Nicole of One Day at a Time shares her top ten list of things to pack for the 3 Day list in this helpful post

Inspired by Nicole's post, Leanne, of the blog Leanne... the Walker, decided to get some new contact cards to take with her during the event.  Check them out here.  

Speaking of Leanne, she is the latest walker to take part in the "Why I Walk" series of interviews with John, of the blog 60 Miles 3 Days.  You can check out Leanne's interview here.   In addition to interviewing Leanne, John also took some time this week to write about making plans for after the walk in this post

Jenny, of the blog Two Girls Walking, wrote about the inherent difficulties in training to walk 60 miles in 3 Days in this very honest post.   

This past weekend, Jay Furr took part in the Twin Cities 3 Day for the Cure, blogging all the way.  Jay shared his excitement about heading out to Opening Ceremonies in this post.  He also posted from Lunch on Day 1 in this post and from camp that evening in this post.  Likewise, Jay posted from lunch on Day 2 in this post and from camp on Day 2 in this post.  Great work Jay!   

Rachel Coe, the Twin Cities Keep Going Blogger who writes the blog Empowering Mommy also documented her experience during the event, starting with this post about her feelings as she headed out to Opening Ceremonies.  You can read about her experience on Day 1 in this post, on Day 2 in this post and on Day 3 in this post.  Rachel also shared this great photo from the event. 

Finally, as we wrap up this past, Laurie, of the blog Guessing All the Way, is preparing to head out to the Denver 3 Day for the Cure.  You can read some of her pre-event thoughts in this post

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