Getting back to business

Hi everyone!

I apologize for the long time between updates. I have been very busy over the last month or so, sometimes with legitimate things (like training!) and sometimes not so legitimate (Olympics!). But I am back now and ready to go.

We have approximately 7 weeks to go before the 3-Day. Training-wise, I think Kelly and I are in great shape. We have been really dedicated to our weekend training and have really been racking up the miles. Our legs and butts are getting stronger and I think we'll be ready to tackle those 60 miles come October.

Unfortunately, the fundraising story is quite different. While I have been spreading the word since I decided to walk again last spring, I haven't yet sent out any fundraising letters to my friends and family. I finally sat down tonight and wrote the first draft of my letter. The plan is to have a pile of letters ready to go out first thing Monday morning. I'm not too worried about reaching my fundraising minimum - my family and friends are hugely supportive of my efforts. I just wish I had given myself more time! But alas, live and learn. So expect a lot of focus on the fundraising over the next two months month and a half!

I have a number of posts in the queue for the next week or so. Please keep checking back to get all the latest news from Kelly and I!

Thanks, Kristen

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