Hidden benefits to being "green"!

This year, in an attempt to be more earth-conscious (or more truthfully, to try to save some money on gas and parking), I have committed to riding the bus to school, rather than driving. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up, but so far, it's been a success.

I was somewhat hesitant to make the switch to riding the bus because there isn't one bus that goes directly from my house to school. I either have to take two buses, or I have to walk a bit. On Monday, I tried the first option, but after missing the second bus due to the first bus being late and having to wait an extra half hour for the next one, I decided that wasn't the way to go. Instead, I have been hiking it to the end of my street to catch the other bus, which then drops me off on the opposite side of campus from my building. I wasn't too thrilled with all this extra walking, especially with my heavy computer, but I have discovered the secret upside: I can count all this extra walking as training! I mapped it out using the Google Maps Pedometer and figured that I am now walking an extra 1.85 miles every day. That's over 9 miles a week! At that rate, not only will I be able to catch up on some of my mid-week walks that I've missed recently, but I won't have to worry about falling behind when I travel to Boston and New Hampshire in the next month or so.

So now I'm saving the earth, saving money and training for the 3-Day, all at the same time. I am truly a Walkstar!

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