Thinking about "service"

I was watching the Presidential Forum on service tonight and was thinking quite a bit about what that means to me. As a research scientist, I think one of the most important ways that we can serve our country is to help raise money for biomedical research, as we are doing for breast cancer through the 3-Day.

While I think that there are many ways that we can help others individually, unless you are Bill Gates, funding biomedical research isn't one of them. The type of work that goes into every important breakthrough is expensive. And while the government helps to fund some of that research, they can't possibly it all. That is why organizations like Susan G Komen for the Cure and the recently formed Stand Up to Cancer initiative are so critical. They take all of our individual contributions, pool them together and make sure that money finds it's way to the most promising work being done. It is in this way that we can all work together to change the world not just for one person but for everyone, every where. It's kind of awesome to think about.

Having watched the Stand Up to Cancer telethon on Friday night (when I was very moved by Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge standing with Christina Applegate) and listening to both presidential candidates talk very passionately about service tonight, I am more motivated then ever before to do what I can to help end breast cancer. Thanks for working towards this goal with me.

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