A Delicious Look at the 3 Day Crew!

One of the best parts of being involved in the 3 Day is that you are instantly part of this much larger community of creative people willing to anything to get the word out.  I often stumble across really unique things that people do to either commemorate their 3 Day experience or raise awareness for the event.  Today, I wanted to spotlight one of these endeavors.

To honor the crew members for the DFW 3 Day at their Christmas party, blogger Hopesmommy created this amazing cake:

Using her creativity and mad cake decorating skills, she was able to represent a whole handful of the different jobs that are performed by the 3 Day Crew as well as some of the hallmarks of the Breast Cancer 3 Day Camp.  See if you can spot them all based on my pictures of the real things!

1.  The flags!  These flags always line the road heading into and out of camp.  We also carry smaller versions of these flags along the route to remind everyone of the many, many reasons that we all walk.

The flags at the Atlanta camp in 2008
2.  The tents!  The sea of pink tents is always a sight to behold when you enter camp.   

Pink tents as far as the eye can see!

3.  The semi-trucks!  The 3 Day folks use these big rigs for everything from hauling staging to showering.

Semis for showering (L) and semis for hauling (R)

4.  The vans!  In addition to the semis, the 3 Day Crew makes great use of conversion vans.  Sweep vans follow us up and down the route collecting walkers that need a lift.  Additional pit vans used to move around all the gear needed at the various pit stops.  Regardless of their purpose, these vans are always decorated to the nines.  Seeing the themed vans always brings a smile to my face!

Sweep vans!

Pit vans!

5.  Route safety (aka MotoCrew)!  The sweep vans aren't the only people keeping tabs on us walkers.  We are also trailed by ambulances (sorry, I didn't have a picture of that one) and the MotoCrew.  The MotoCrew ride up and down the route on bicycles and motorcycles making sure that everyone is feeling good.  They also help out at street crossings to make sure we don't get hit by cars.  They are some of the most energetic and fun people - you can't feel tired around the MotoCrew!

We love the Atlanta MotoCrew!

With characters like these, who wouldn't love them?

6. Hydration!  Last, but certainly not least, are the hardworking crew members that keep us fed and hydrated, even in the pouring rain.

I promise they get more business when it isn't 40 degrees and raining!

I think that Hopesmommy did a fantastic job representing all of these hardworking men and women in her 3 Day Cake.  I just wish I could have been there to taste it - it looks delicious!  

To see more of Hopesmommy's awesome cakes, please visit her blog at http://idecoratecakes.blogspot.com/.  The post for the 3 Day cake can be found at http://idecoratecakes.blogspot.com/2010/01/3day-camp.html

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hopesmommy said...

Thank you soooo much for your kind words. I like how you were able to compare my cake to the actual pictures of the 3Day.

Dee Kelley aka Hopesmommy