I'm an Online Ambassador for the Breast Cancer 3 Day!

Attention, attention! I am thrilled to announce that as of today, I am officially an Online Ambassador for the Breast Cancer 3 Day!

So what does that really mean? Well, it means that the good folks over at the 3 Day are going to be keeping tabs on my blog and online 3 Day promotional activities, and when they see something they like, they're going to point people over this way. That means that I have a bit of a broader platform to talk about all the great things about the Breast Cancer 3 Day beyond just my small role in it.

As far as my specific online efforts, not much is going to change. I've always made an effort to promote the 3 Day and to give my supporters an inside look at life on the 3 Day. I am going to continue those efforts through this blog as well as through our team blog over at http://relentlessoptimismfundraising.blogspot.com/. I am also going to continue to use and abuse all of the various social media outlets that I'm involved in to get the word out. All the shortcuts to help you follow me around the web can be found over in the sidebar.  The only thing that's going to be different is that I'm going to be doing all of those things a lot more often, so get ready!

What am I going to be blogging about? Well, most of it will be the same stuff as always. Expect lots of posts about my fundraising efforts and training ups and downs. I am also hoping that I can provide some inside information about what the 3 Day is all about for the first timers (and not so first timers) and maybe even entice some people that are on the fence to sign up.  That's all pretty standard stuff for 3 Day blogs and I'm glad to add to it.  I also think that I can add a new dimension to the discussion.  Because of my experience as a biomedical researcher, I think I can give my readers a bit of a window into the other side of what this the 3 Day thing is all about. We all know that we're raising money for breast cancer research, but what does that really mean? In my experience, the more people understand about how biomedical research is done, the more willing they are to support it.  So hopefully I'll be able to get that discussion going as well.

So those are my goals as a newly minted Online Ambassador. I'm really excited about this new added dimension of my personal 3 Day adventure. Thanks for giving me the opportunity, 3 Day folks!


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