The Golden Globes Prediction Contest!

To kick off our fundraising efforts, my team for the Breast Cancer 3 Day, Relentless Optimism, is running a fun contest to predict the winners of the upcoming Golden Globes!  The basic gist is that everyone who enters makes a small donation to our team and then submits their best guesses as to who will win.  At the end of the contest, whoever had the most correct predictions will win a cash prize equal to half the money that we collect with the rest of the money going to our team.  All of the details can be found over on our team blog at:


I encourage everyone to head over to that blog, read all about our contest and submit your entries (before Friday, February 15th at 8pm).  Once you're done, please help us spread the word!  You can use the handy links at the bottom of the blog post to post the information to your Facebook pages, blogs and email lists.  Remember, the more entries we get, the more money we can raise for a really great cause!

Thanks for playing along and good luck!


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