You Know You're a 3 Day Walker When...

One of my fellow Online Ambassadors for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure, Nicole, has recently been compiling a "You Know You're a 3 Day Walker When..." list on her blog One Step at a Time.  She first posted her own list in early February.  From there, she got so many great suggestions that she compiled a second, even longer list.  Both of these lists are great and well worth checking out.  If you're a veteran 3 Dayer, you will definitely nod in agreement with most of these lists.  If you're new to the 3 Day, you'll know all about these things soon enough!

Some of my favorites from the original "You Know You're a 3 Day Walker When..." list:

2.  Half of your wardrobe is pink. -- Also, half of my gadgets including my cell phone and mp3 player.
8.  Altruism is an innate part of your being.
20.  You dream of a world without breast cancer and believe in your heart it will happen one day.

My favorites from the second "You Know You're a 3 Day Walker When..." list, which I think was even better than the first:

1.  When a 5-mile walk is a “Stroll in the Park”. -- Literally!
5.  When you walk your dog and she’s wearing a pink bandana. -- Shenanigans loves her bandana!
8.  Talking about blisters at dinner seems like a normal mealtime topic.
9.  You’re proud, not embarrassed, to wear a fanny pack. -- Love my Mountainsmith!
10.  You wear your victory shirts all the time, hoping someone will ask about it so you can convert another 3-Day walker.
14.  You start packing for every trip using Ziploc bags, trying to stuff an entire day’s clothes in each one. -- Just like this!
24.  You can’t listen to a 3-Day commercial or watch one without tearing up.
28.  Your inbox shows “a donation was made on your behalf” and it feels like you won the lottery.
33.  Your philosophy on blisters is that they don’t need chemo.

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Dave Machacek said...

Keep walking Kristen, we need more people like you!!!

Christine said...

I can't wait to see the day! :o)