My 3 Day Week in Review

Finally an on time week in review!


Fundraising sort of took a back seat this week as I focused on other things.  Our March Madness and Fug Madness fundraisers are still going strong, so I've been busy tracking all of the results over on the Relentless Optimism fundraising blog.  Unfortunately, I have no chance to win either contest but that's okay.  It's still been a lot of fun and the two contests have been solid fundraisers for our 3 Day team.  I also made a Facebook post about our ongoing Flower Power fundraiser.  That fundraiser is only going on for another month, so I need to work hard on advertising it!

All told, my fundraiser total to date is currently at $1460, plus that check that still hasn't posted.  That includes a donation from my friend Nicole Maher earlier this week.  Thank you Nicole!!


While fundraising was on the back burner this week, training was front and center.  All told, I walked 25.1 miles this week and I ran an additional 8.3 miles on top of that.  Altogether, Shenanigans and I covered 33.4 miles of pavement this week.  That puts our training totals at 127.06 miles walked to date and 18.5 miles that we've run.  Trust me, I'm really starting to feel it in my legs and butt!

Even though it rained off and on for most of this week, we did have a really beautiful day for training on Saturday.  Shenanigans and I decided to head out to Stone Mountain Park for our first long training walk.  It was really beautiful at the park and Shenanigans and I even got recognized by a group of people as 3 Dayers!  It's always makes the training easier when people are cheering you on.  Now that we have our annual parking pass, we'll probably be heading to Stone Mountain again soon for another training walk.

  I took this picture of the carving on Stone Mountain on my phone at the end of our walk.

Extra Stuff

Because I was so focused on training and other non - 3 Day commitments, I wasn't the most active blogger this week.  I was able to pop on and post notices for two 3 Day related activities here in Atlanta: the Candy Coburn concert at Smith's Olde Bar and the Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer Kick Off.  I was hoping to go to the concert on Thursday, but I have some friends that just started through-hiking the Appalachain Trail and my only chance to see them while they're in Georgia was at the same time.  I hope everyone that was able to go had a great time though!  In addition to those posts, I also posted a bunch of links to some other 3 Day blogs on Friday to highlight some of the great things happening around the 3 Day blogosphere.  Finally, this weekend I finally got my Road ID, which I talked about in this post, where I also talked about my Stone Mountain training walk.

Coming Up Next Week...

This next week will be the bulk of the remaining games in both our March Madness and Fug Madness contests.  The final match ups in both contests are on April 5th, so we should have our winners in a little over a week.  Until then, all my fundraising time is going to spent tabulating results!  Training is also going to be a bit easier this week because we've finally come to the first recovery week in the 24 week training schedule.  The training plan calls for the standard 3 and 5 mile walks during the week but only 4 miles on Saturday and 3 miles on Sunday.  With three more runs planned for this week that are only getting more intense, that easy weekend will be wonderful!

Because both training and fundraising will be a little easier next week, I am going to try to get some more blog posts up this week.  I haven't decided yet what I want to write about this week, so it'll have to be a surprise!  Until then, have a great week!

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