Friday 3 Day Blog Round Up - Actually on a Friday!

Not as many links today because I'm actually on time for once!  Essentially, this covers about four days worth of posts, since I last posted on Monday.  If I stick with this schedule, I'll be back to a full week of posts next week!

Amy, who writes the Orlando 3 Day Training Blog posted some great pictures from the Central Florida Training Kick Off event.  Check them out here.  

With training "officially" started for 12 of the 15 events, it seems like everyone is thinking about their feet these days!  First up, Laurie of the 60 miles or Bust team writes about blister prevention and her personal sock preferences in this post.  

Completely eschewing socks altogether, Caitlin of The Komen Experience blog is thinking about walking the 3 Day "barefoot"!  Read all about her experiment with walking the 3 Day in Vibram Five Fingers "barefoot" shoes in this interesting post.  She's now completed a couple of short "barefoot" walks, which you can read about here.   

John, who writes the 60 Days, 316,800 Feet Closer to a Cure blog asks an important question that few newbies even think about: what shoes are you going to wear after the walk?  Check out his tips about the best "after" shoes here.  A must read for first timers!  

Tanya of the My 3Day Journey blog recently learned that she has to have ankle surgery before she can really start training for the DFW event.  Read her thoughts about this setback and how she's keeping her head up in the face of a challenge here.  

Becki, the captain of the Divine Secrets of the TaTa Sisterhood team, shares her tips about one of the easiest fundraisers to do: change jars!  A great way to get your kids involved in your fundraising!  

Leanne of the Leanne... the Walker blog recently hit up Bourbon Street with her sister and a friend for their second Girls Night Out Fundraiser.  Read all about the highs and lows of their night here.   

Finally, Beth of the Finding My Voice blog recently received an anonymous comment on her blog proclaiming the events like the 3 Day were a waste of time and money.  Read the awesome post that she wrote in response to that naysayer here.  Highly recommended for anyone that truly believes in the power of the 3 Day!

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Roberta said...

This is a fantastic blog Kristen. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting other walker blogs. AMAZING!
Thanks for visiting me ... and for your advice re: mileage! I've been getting suggestions. I'll be doing some research.
Please come back and see me!
I'll be keeping up with you, too!