Friday 3 Day Blog Round Up!

So many great links this week!

First up, Kelly from the new blog Get Your Walk On dedicated her first post to a compilation of the best things about the 3 Day.  You can find her list and add your suggestions in the comments here.

The Coconutter Strutters team shared their thoughts on what makes a good training walk here.  They've also been doing some great team fundraisers lately, which you can read about in this post.  One of them even involves live goats painted pink!  

Deanna of Deanna's 3 Day Journey blog has a creative suggestion for using your blog to help raise money - sell subscriptions on the Kindle!  She explains how in this post.  Deanna's team, The Sisterhood of the Pink Sneakers, also made the front page of their local paper, which you can see here

Lauri of the 60 Mile Thoughts blog recently celebrated her nine year "walkaversary".  To celebrate this milestone, she shared her thoughts on how to stay motivated during training and beyond in this great post.

Lilly of the Lilly's Notepad blog shared her recommendation for a great Blackberry app for tracking mileage (and for safety!) in this post.  She also took some time to remind everyone that walking in the 3 Day is the equivalent of walking two and a half marathons back to back in this post

Jillian of the Chai Latte Please blog talks about she handled a potential donor that expressed apprehension about Susan G. Komen in this post.  Great advice for anyone running into donors with similar concerns! 

Abby of the Bigfoot 3 Day for the Cure blog talks about the true nature of breast cancer, describing it as "a tornado" in this post.   

The Betties for Boobies team was just bursting with helpful tips this week!  First up, the Betties wrote this helpful post to remind everyone about the opening and closing times for pit stops along the route.  They also discussed the difference between running shoes and walking shoes in this post.  Finally, Betty teammate Jackie has been spotting 3 Day and Komen related products all around town lately.  She shared some of her great finds in this post.   

The ladies of the Divine Secrets of the Ta Ta Sisterhood team shared the story of Sarah, their teammate and survivor in this moving post.

Amy from the Orlando 3 Day group talks all about fanny packs in this post.  As Amy says, a fanny pack is just a purse for your butt!   

Brandee of the My 3Day Experience blog has been a bit discouraged with her fundraising so far.  Feel free to send her some encouragement and share your best fundraising tips with her here.  

Jon of the 60 Miles, 3 Days blog talks about how to get the most out of your Participant Centers in this helpful post.   

Tracy, of the Team Tracy blog recently shaved her head to counteract the effects of her ongoing chemo treatments.  She shares some great stories about her first week as a bald lady in this post, which is both humorous and heartwarming.   

A hearty round of congratulations to both Christine of the Saving Second Base blog and to Tammy of the My 3 Day Journey blog who both reached their fundraising minimums this week!  You can join in the celebration with Christine here and with Tammy here

Jenny of the Two Girls Walkin' blog has been doing her training around New York City.  She talks about getting to know her city all over again in this great post.  Jenny's daughter and teammate Ellie also turned 17 this week.  Jenny writes movingly about Ellie's decision to ask for 3 Day donations instead of gifts for her birthday in this wonderful post.  Happy birthday Ellie!  

Finally, there was a lot of excitement this week at the news of a potential breast cancer vaccine that is in the works.  Jenny of The Big Walk blog shared her excitement about the news as a reaffirmation for why she is walking in the 3 Day in this post.  Jay Furr also points out that the researchers behind the new vaccine will be applying for Susan G. Komen grants to help move their research forward in this post.  All of our hard work to raise all that money is truly making a difference!

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