My 3 Day Week in Review!

Short and sweet review this week!


I didn't do a whole lot of active fundraising this week, although my fundraising letters are continuing to pay off big time.  I received one donation online which brings my total on the 3 Day website to $2351.  I also received two more checks totaling $300 this week.  As with the checks last week, I will be redistributing those checks to two of my teammates who are still short of their minimums.  I've been able to send out almost $600 to my teammates so far, which is really exciting.  I love being able to help my teammates this way, so thank you everyone for continuing to donate!

In terms of our team fundraisers, we are now officially done with our Tastefully Simple fundraiser.  I still have to post a wrap up over on the Relentless Optimism team blog, but I can officially report that we sold $1470 worth of products and made $200 from the sales.  We also received $225 worth of free products which Jen is going to "buy" for herself and then donate the costs back to our team as well.  That means that our team made a total of $425 which should be posting to the girls' accounts very soon.  

As always, I want to recognize each of my individual donors this week.  So thank you, thank you, thank you to Mark Szajkowski, Tim and Janet Shoemaker (or The Tizzles, as I like to call them!) and the Siegle Foundation who made a very generous donation this week!  


Training over the past week was hot and sweaty!  It was hovering around 90 degrees almost every day last week and with thunderstorms rolling through almost daily, it was incredibly humid as well.  There was just no break in the weather at all.  All told, I walked 33.6 steamy miles last week for a total of 399.53 miles to date.  I am still behind the 24 week recommended schedule by 6 miles, but I made those up this morning so I should be back on track after this next week.  I also ran 10 miles this week for a total of 97.9 miles.  I'm feeling better and better on each run, so that's very exciting.  I'm actually starting to feel pretty confident about running the Peachtree Road Race next month!

Extra Stuff

The biggest thing that I did this week to prepare for the 3 Day was to start organizing all of my teammates' travel plans for the weekend.  I booked our rooms at the official hotel for Thursday night today, so we are definitely all set on that end.  Now we just need to book our rooms for Sunday night and we will be all set!

I also took some time to post my tips about how to go about conducting a successful fundraising campaign via letter writing.  I included my thoughts about what should be in your letters, who to send them to and more.  You can see that post here.  I highly recommend that every walker spend some time sending out fundraising letters.  Since sending out my letters on May 17th, I've gotten $1126 in donations!

Finally, I spent quite a bit of time "pre-writing" a bunch of blog posts that will be posting here over the next couple weeks.  Some of them are long, some not so long, but hopefully all of them will be helpful to someone.  The first of those posts should be up tomorrow!

Coming Up Next Week...

The biggest thing happening next week for fundraising is the start of our newest team fundraiser - a Mary Kay sale!  I will be posting the details of that fundraiser on our team blog later tonight, so be sure to check over there soon if you're interested in buying some Mary Kay goodies to help support our team.

Training next week is also going to be intense.  The 24 week training schedule calls for 41 miles next week (the secondest highest weekly totals for the whole plan!), plus my six make up miles from last week.  On top of that, my 10K training plan calls for 9.5 miles split over 3 runs, with the longest run being 4.5 miles.  Provided the weather cooperates, I should be able to fit it all in.  I'm really looking forward to the recovery week coming up after this though!

Finally, we're heading into the home stretch of 3 Day preparations!  This week I need to book the rest of our hotels for the weekend, reserve a rental car for my husband and buy our plane tickets.  Like I said, lots of preparations still to complete.  My teammates and I are also just about ready to complete online check in which will really make everything official.  I can't wait!

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missheidi821 said...

Another busy and successful week for you, Kristen. Your post are always inspiring and motivating!

How is your mom doing?

Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

Thanks Heidi!

Mom is doing really well. She's tolerating her current treatment well, with only a few side effects. She's actually been strong enough to even start doing some business travel again, something she wasn't able to do the first time around. There was some concern that the treatment might be too mild to be effective, but she had a scan in mid-May that confirmed that it is indeed working and the cancer spots on her liver are shrinking!

Thanks for asking!

~ Kristen