Friday 3 Day Blog Round Up!

It's time to round up some of the best posts from around the 3 Day blogosphere for the past week!

First up this week is Laurie of the 60 Mile Thoughts blog.  I highly recommend this great post that Laurie wrote about the power of networking in the 3 Day community.  Laurie also took shared some of her thoughts about mammograms in this post.  

Cat of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog talked a bit about powering the tough weeks during training for the 3 Day in this post.  Cat also wrote about her ankle injury that's currently slowing her down in this post.

Lisa of the Whining Causes Blisters blog talks about the advantages of thinking about the 3 Day as a series of short walks instead of one very long walk in this post.  

Jon from the 60 Miles, 3 Days blog (and the newly selected Energizer Blogger for Dallas!) talks about the importance of regular team meetings in this post.  John also continued his 3 Day Moments video series with this moving video from Laurie of 60 Mile Thoughts.  

Another Energizer Blogger, Tesa from the 2 Wired 2 Tired blog recently attended the Preview Expo in Michigan.  Tesa talks about her experience here and she reviewed some of the great workshops she attended here

Leanne of the Leanne... the Walker blog has now reached her fundraising minimum for both the Atlanta and Dallas events!  She breaks down how she raised $4600 in just 6 months in this helpful post

Inspired by Leanne's post, Christina of the blog A Walk in Big Shoes has planned a Pub Crawl fundraiser of her own!  You can read all about her upcoming event here.

Natalie of the Pounding the Ground blog has found a creative way to incorporate her cross-training into her daily life!  Find out her secret here

Christine of the blog Saving Second Base talks about beating the heat and reviews a couple of waist packs in this post.

Finally, last weekend Jay Furr attempted to walk 60 miles in one day.  Unfortunately, his adventure was cut short due to a runaway car and a busted ankle.  You can read all the scary details here.  Despite this setback, Jay still has his 3 Day spirit intact and is determined to walk in 3 events this year, as he talks about here.  Jay wrapped up his emotional week by officially registering for his third event.  You read his proposal for raising the remaining money he needs here

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