I Spotted My Training Twin in Atlanta!

I regularly walk past Half Mountain Outfitters in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood on my training walks.  It's always a high point on my training walks because I love checking out all the great gear on display in the windows and daydreaming of the day that I can afford to buy it all.  Lately though, one of the mannequins in the window has been looking awfully familiar...

It's like looking in a mirror!

Shorts and a tank top, Mountainsmith waistpack, pedometer and my exact pair of Asics sneakers...  Turn it all pink and add a bandana and it could be me!  I wonder if they've seen me walking by so often that they decided to pay tribute to me?  

Anyways, I thought it was cool so I thought I would share.  I hope that all the rest of you 3 Dayers stumble upon equally fun things on your training walks as well!


Tanya said...

Dallas must be boring or I am walking in the wrong areas because you all have these great pics and funny stories and I walked past local colleages and gas stations.

Happy walking


Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

I'm really lucky about where I live when it comes to training walks. I can choose to walk through beautiful neighborhoods with giant houses, through a great shopping and dining district with locally owned shops, boutiques and restaurants, through the skyscrapers and bustle of Midtown Atlanta or through our version of Central Park. It really does make for some great walks!

~ Kristen