Friday (Monday?) 3 Day Blog Round Up!

I'm a few days late with this week's blog round up, and with the Boston 3 Day just three weeks away, there are a ton of great blog posts to cover tonight.  In fact, I think this is the highest number of unique blogs that I've included in one of these posts to date - by my count, there are 24 different blogs are linked to in this post!

First up, I wrote this blog post about a month ago where I recommended my favorite "alternative" handbooks for the Breast Cancer 3 Day.  Larry has now published the newly updated 2010 Underground Guide to the Breast Cancer Walks on The 60 Mile Men website!  You can find the newest version of the guide here.  Even better than ever - a must read!

In the last section of the Underground Guide, Larry "assigns" every 3 Day walker a bit of homework - to take the spirit of the 3 Day out into the real world with you, every day.  On that same note, Laurie of the 60 Mile Thoughts blog shared her thoughts about the days and weeks after the 3 Day and how she will keep the positive energy alive in this post.  

Michelle of the blog My Pink Goal has already found that the lessons she has learned from preparing for the 3 Day are already affecting her every day life in very positive ways, which she talks about in this post

As a part of that infectious 3 Day spirit, John from the 60 Miles, 3 Days blog is offering up free hugs during the 3 Day!  Find out his reason for all the hugging here.

John's fellow Energizer Keep Going blogger Caitlin from The Komen Experience blog shares her thoughts about using social media to fundraise in this post

Beckie, the team captain of The Divine Secrets of the Ta Ta Sisterhood talks about the pros and cons of large fundraising events compared to smaller fundraising efforts in this post

The Coconutter Strutters team recently hosted a unique fundraiser that took advantage of some great team connections - they held a dirty dog wash!  Read all about their event and check out their pictures here.

Speaking of successful fundraisers, Christina of the blog A Walk in Big Shoes recently held a very effective Girls Night Out fundraiser with some of her girlfriends.  You read all about her event and get some great tips for hosting your own Girls Night Out here.

Julie of the Two Pink Chicks Fo(u)r Boobs team talks about some of her dreams about the 3 Day, including one related to her fundraising fears, in this post where she really puts everything into perspective about what we're doing and why we're doing it.  Julie also shared this beautiful picture of her pink rose from Closing Ceremonies as a part of Pink Picture Friday. 

In the last post centered around fundraising for this week, Natalie of the Pounding the Ground blog talks about her 3 Day "Breast Cancer Sucks" garage sale in this post, complete with pictures! Natalie also shared the story of her first 17 mile training walk (including her newfound love of Gu!) in this post.  

Jenny of The Big Walk blog has been a training machine this week.  She shared photos and stories from her team, The Harbor City Titty Committee's training walk last weekend in this post.  Jenny also talked about training in the country against all odds (Rain! Unpaved roads! Dog attacks!) during a trip to her parents' house in this exciting post.

Tammy of Team Pink for Life and the My 3 Day Journey blog also talked about her team's recent 10 mile training walk with the ladies of Team Brock 360 in this post

Rhea of Mommy to 3 Monkeys is having a hard time getting her walking in and is looking for some training time management suggestions.  Share your best tips for fitting in your miles here

Laurie from the 60 Miles or Bust blog talks about the importance of training and shares some tips for pacing during the event in this post.  

As the training walks get longer, prior planning becomes ever more important.  Tanya of the blog My 3Day Journey shares the cautionary tale of her attempt at planning some pit stops during a recent long training walk in this post.

Cat of the excellent Fat Girl Walkin' blog took some time this week to talk to professional trainer Chris Powell about walking for fitness.  She shares Chris's tips for training success in this post. Cat also attempted to beat the Arizona heat by walking at her local mall this week instead of out in the unforgiving sun.  She shares the lessons she learned from that experience here

Speaking of beating the heat, Leanne of the Leanne... the Walker blog shares a plethora of tips for training in the heat in this post.  And trust me, Leanne knows her stuff - she lives and trains in Southern Louisiana!  Leanne also took some time this week to talk about her friend and inspiration Brenda, a story well worth reading.  You can find that moving post here.

Margie of Margie's Magenta Miles talks about powering through the hard times during the journey that is the 3 Day in this post

Kelly of the blog Get Your Walk On talks all about the great resources that are available on the Participant Center in this helpful post

Jillian of the Chai Latte Please blog talks about the advantages of joining a team for the 3 Day in this post

In one of my very favorite posts this week, Online Ambassador Jay Furr tries to explain just exactly what this 3 Day thing is all about in this highly recommended post.   In the spirit of Jay's post, his friend "birdnut" shared her account of what the 3 Day is in her own Livejournal post here

Finally, I am currently reading two incredibly inspirational blogs from two ladies that are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, both of which I highly recommend.  The first blog, Team Tracy, is written by a woman named Tracy who took some time this week to talk about the importance of the 3 Day to her personally as a survivor in this incredibly moving post.  The second blog, My Big Girl Pants, is written by a young woman named Bridget.  Bridget, who has touched everyone that has read her blog over these last few months, reported this past week that it appears that her current treatments have been working!  You can read her great news and share in her rejoicing here


Rhea said...

I love this post! You really put a lot of effort into rounding up so many great blogs. Thanks for including me, too! I love finding other 3Day bloggers, so I'm off to follow some new links. Thanks.

jillianduch said...

Love your round-up posts! They are way better than a blog reader, any day :)

Tammy K said...

Thanks for the mention Kristen! Now I have some new blogs to follow.