Belated 3 Day Week in Review

Whoops!  I fell behind on my weekly recaps already.  I'll try to be better about getting these up on Sunday nights in the future.

This week was a bit of breather as far as fundraising goes, although I did get a donation from my Aunt Pam & Uncle Sean that pushed up my fundraising total to $425.  I also had two additional donations from the previous week from my college roommate Mara Heppen and my Aunt Barb that I wanted to be sure to acknowledge.  

Most of my fundraising at this point has been through our team fundraisers.  We didn't start any new contests this past week, although our Fantasy Winter Olympics League is really proving to be a lot of fun.  My friend JT has been maintaining our league results webpage and has been adding his own highly entertaining take on the Olympics news of the day.  My team, Norwegian Curling Pants, is currently in third place after a rough day yesterday, but I'm definitely in contention for the big win which would net an additional $100 for our 3 Day team!

In addition to the Fantasy Winter Olympics League, we are also continuing to promote our partnership with Flower Power Fundraising.  I took some time this week to email my friends and family which generated a lot of positive responses.  We've already raised $222 through that fundraiser with over a month left to go.  What a great success for our team!

Training Week 2 was almost the complete reverse of Training Week 1.  Shenanigans and I started the week off trudging through what was left of our weekend snow in our warm layers.  By this weekend though, we had PERFECT training weather: 65 degrees and sunny!  This was the first weekend since Thanksgiving that it hasn't been cold and rainy here in Atlanta, so we definitely made the most of it.  All together, I walked 15 miles even this week, two more than the recommended training schedule.  After two weeks, that amounts to 28.41 training miles walked.  Feeling good!

As I mentioned last week, I've been using an Android app called "Cardio Trainer" to track my mileage.  It's really proving to be a great addition to my training because not only is tracking my mileage and pace for me, I've also got it synced with Facebook.  Every time I go for a training walk, my Facebook friends get a nice reminder about my commitment to a successful 3 Day experience.  I've also learned that my training routes that I've been walking for years are consistently about 1/2 a mile longer than I thought, which means I've walked a lot of extra miles over the years!

Extra Stuff
With fundraising taking a back seat this week, I was able to do a bunch of extra 3 Day related activities.  I started the week with a quick shopping trip to Target to stock up on discounted pink gear.  I've especially been loving the yoga pants I picked up for training this week.  I also posted my first "science" related post this week, a look at my personal science experience.  Writing that post felt a little self-promotional, but I think it's an important foundation for the more in depth posts I have planned for the future.  In addition to those blog posts, I've been working on a proposal for a potential partnership with a local business that's been much more involved than I anticipated.  It's coming along nicely though, so I'm really optimistic about that.

I also took a break from my 3 Day activities to show some support for my friends Meag and Andy in their efforts to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of Meag's late brother Ron.  I had a great time at their fundraiser on Thursday night where they had a phenomenal turn out.  I can't wait to talk to Meag about the details so that I can work out something similar for the 3 Day.  If you would like to support Meag and Andy as they prepare for the ING Georgia Marathon, you can do so here.

Coming Up This Week...
Even though I had a pretty productive week this past week, I stil had a few things that I just didn't have time for (like this recap...).  It turns out, I REALLY like to watch the Olympics and while I am pretty good at multi-tasking, things take a lot longer when I'm trying to keep one eye on a curling match.  With that realization, I'm planning a pretty light week of 3 Day activites in order to get back on top of some real life responsibilities and to get a little bit more sleep.
The big news fundraising-wise this week is the start of our Predict the Oscars contest!  We started taking entries this morning, and we've already got two entries.  We're hoping for a total of 25 entries for this contest, so please consider entering and definitely help us spread the word.  It's an easy way to support our team and hey, you could even win some money!  In addition, our Fantasy Winter Olympics League will be wrapping up next weekend.  Fingers crossed for a strong performance by Team Norwegian Curling Pants in Week 2!

The training schedule for Week 3 calls for both a 3 mile and a 4 mile walk during the week, plus 5 mile and 3 mile walks over the weekend for a total of 15 miles.  It's hard to motivate myself to train when I really want to be watching the Olympics instead, but I'm pushing through.  After all, the Olympians didn't get where they are by skipping out on training!

I'm only planning two extra 3 Day projects for this week.  First and foremost, I need to finish the proposal that I mentioned above.  I should be wrapping that up today or tomorrow, so maybe by the end of the week I'll have more to report on that.  Also, I mentioned last week that I wanted to do a post about setting up a personal page on the 3 Day website which I never got around to writing.  Look for that later this week instead.

And that's it for now - time to cheer on the USA ladies in their semi-final hockey game against Sweden while I get some work done.  Go USA!

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