Over the past few weeks, the weather in Atlanta hasn't been that great.  We've had a few really nice days, but mostly it's been cold and rainy.  And that means I've had a lot of cold, gray and wet training walks.  But over the last two weeks, there has been one thing that has consistently brightened up those dreary walks:


I've always had a soft spot in my heart for these cheerful flowers because they are always in bloom around my birthday.  They also signal that spring is definitely here.  Right now, my neighborhood is absolutely littered with daffodils in bloom.  Little pockets of yellow can be seen everywhere.  So today, I decided that if I was walking three miles on my birthday, I was going to do something fun with it and take photos of all of the lovely daffodils on my training walk.  Enjoy!

Please click to enlarge the photos.
To see more pictures of our "Daffodil Walk" around the Morningside and Virginia Highland neighborhoods of Atlanta, please visit this album on my Picasa page.  
If looking at all of these photos has you excited for spring gardening, please consider purchasing some of your garden plants through our collaboration with Flower Power Fundraising.  Half of the value of your purchase will be donated to our team for the Breast Cancer 3 Day!  For more information on this fundraiser, please see this post on our team fundraising blog.

Shenanigans surrounded by daffodils


Christina said...

so pretty! daffodils are just starting to pop up here in the north. your blog is great...it inspired me to create one! you provide so much insight for me as a first time walker. i appreciate it so much. ps - how did you get your "follow me" facebook and twitter icons? can't figure that one out.

Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

Hi Christina!

Sorry I didn't answer this sooner, I apologize.

I downloaded my button images from Social.me on Deviant Art:


You can find button images all over the web. This website links to a number of great collections:


From there, I uploaded the images I wanted to my Picasa page for photo hosting and then used them as links in an HTML gadget on the sidebar in Blogger.

I can give you more details, including the HTML code in email if you'd like. Just shoot me an email at kscincotta@gmail.com.

Hope that helps!