My 3 Day Sneaker Legacy

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I got my new sneakers for the 2010 Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure this weekend.  As I was taking pictures of their pristine newness, I started looking through my pictures of older sneakers, taken both pre- and post- 3 Day training and events.  I realized that my 3 Day legacy can be nicely summed up just by looking at my history in sneakers.


My first 3 Day was the Atlanta event in 2007.  Before I started my training, I made my first trip to Phidippides, the local running specialty store for my first pair of sneakers.  I had never been professionally fitted for sneakers before and I was thrilled with the sneakers that I ended up with, a pair of Asics GT-2120s.  I liked them so much that I ended up getting a second pair about a month before the event started.  Comparing the treads between the pair I had been training in and the new pair was quite eye opening!

Two pairs of 2120s (L) and the "Before" and "After" shots of the treads (R).

I ended up wearing the newer pair of kicks for the first and third days of the 2007 event and wore the older pair for the second day.  I survived mostly blister - free and in love with my Asics.


Because I had only had my second pair of 2120s for about a month before the 2007 3 Day, I decided to use them for the first half of my training for the 2008 3 Day as well.  After almost a year of wear, it became pretty obvious that I was due for a new pair of sneakers.  So I headed back to Phidippides to get fitted for the second time.  I had read that sometimes your feet can change, so I was expecting a totally new pair of sneakers.  However, after trying on a number of different brands and styles, I landed back on my beloved Asics, upgrading to 2130s for the 2008 3 Day.

 My 2008 sneakers (L) and the tread comparison between them (R).

I wore my older 2120s (with the hot pink laces) for the first day of the 2008 Atlanta 3 Day and the newer 2130s for the last two days.  That first day was cold and rainy and my old 2120s held up great.  However, after being jammed into an airtight baggie and stuffed into the bottom of my gear bag for the remainder of the weekend, there was no saving them.  After a solid year of service, they were lost to the dumpster.


I didn't walk in the 3 Day in 2009, so I didn't get a new pair of sneakers.  Instead, I put a bunch of miles on my 2130s on my occasional runs around the neighborhood and in the Atlanta Race for the Cure.  Even without the 3 Day, I put them to good use!


After a year and half, I knew I was going to need new kicks early on in my 3 Day training this year.  So yesterday, I headed back to Phidippides to upgrade my sneaker situation.  I tried on about nine pairs of sneakers during my fitting and in the end, I ended up with...

A new pair of Asics GT-2150s, the newest model of my original 2120s!  This time, though, I was able to get myself a pair with pink accents and awesome yellow and pink swirled insoles.  I suspect that had I walked last year, I would have ended up with the 2140s, thus completing my series.   I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish I had them now.  

Of course, one of the first things that I did when I got them home was to compare the brand new treads to my old, busted treads on my 2130s.

 Accomplishment = wearing the treads off of your sneakers

Now I just need to find a new pair of pink laces and get to training.  I expect that between running and walking, I'm going to need a second pair before the Boston event at the end of July.  I think another pair of pink 2150s would be the perfect addition to my "3 Day Sneaker Legacy".  Don't you agree?

 My 3 Day Sneaker Legacy:
The 2007 2120s, the 2008 2130s and the new 2010 2150s (L - R) 

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