Friday 3 Day Blog Round Up!

Phew!  There's a lot of great links this week!

First up, Bridget, of the blog My Big Girl Pants talks about passing her five year cancer-versary and the lessons she has learned along the way in this moving post.

Lisa of the Whining Causes Blisters blog shares her appreciation for all the men of the 3 Day in honor of Father's Day coming up later this week in this post.

Speaking of the men of the 3 Day, The 60 Mile Men have just released their new calendar for 2011!  You can check out the 2011 60 Mile Men here.

Caitlin from The Komen Experience blog ran her first barefoot race last weekend.  She talks all about running the Race for the Cure in her Vibram 5 Fingers in this interesting post.

With training picking up for the 3 Day around the country, everyone is starting to experience some bumps and bruises along the way.  And with those bumps and bruises comes a renewed interest in keeping everyone healthy and safe along the way, something that a lot of 3 Day bloggers touched on this week.

First up in the "safety" category is Cat of the Fat Girl Walkin' blog.  In this post, Cat talks about the pitfalls of trying to multitask, including accidentally walking 4 miles.  As a follow up to that post, Cat talked to the Phoenix Police Department and got some great safety tips that she shared in this post.   

Heidi from the blog A Life Changing Journey also shared her safety tips for walking in the country in this post.  Heidi also got some moo-velous support on her recent training walk, which she talks about in this post.  

One of the biggest safety concerns for 3 Day walkers is dehydration.  Jillian, who writes the blog Chai Latte Please offered up her story about a recent bout of dehydration to serve as a word of warning in this post.  Natalie, of the Pounding the Ground blog also shared her story about dealing with dehydration on a recent training walk in this post.  

The best way to counteract dehydration is to properly hydrate during your training walks.  Amy from the Orlando 3 Day group shared her tips about hydration and reviewed the new Gatorade G-Series in this helpful post

In the final post highlighting safety this week, Beckie from The Divine Secrets of the Ta Ta Sisterhood talks about how to deal with injuries during training in this post.

On a nerdier front, John from the 60 Miles 3 Days blog talks about setting up a redirect to your 3 Day URL to help simplify your fundraising in this post

Christina from A Walk in Big Shoes talks about the unexpected benefits of the 3 Day that she has discovered in this great post

Speaking of the unexpected benefits of the 3 Day, Kaitlin of the 3 KFine Days blog recently took some of her non-3 Day friends on a long training walk tour of NYC to show them what this crazy 3 Day thing is all about.  You can read all about it and see some great pictures here.

Lauri of the 60 Mile Thoughts blog puts the idea of walking in the rain into perspective in this excellent post.  

Another Laurie, this one from the 60 Miles or Bust team talks all about teams on the 3 Day in this great post.  Laurie and her teammate Nikki also recently hosted a fundraiser for their Race for the Cure team as part of Dine Out for a Cure.  You can read all about their event in this post.     

Finally, the first two Energizer Keep Going Bloggers were announced this week!  Congratulations to Boston blogger Caitlin, who writes the blog The Komen Experience and Cleveland blogger Tesa who writes the blog 2 Wired 2 Tired.  Looking forward to reading all about your experiences ladies!

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Laurie said...

I love that you do this every week! Lots of great posts to get caught up on! xoxo

Kristen Sager Cincotta said...

Thanks Laurie!

~ Kristen