My 3 Day Week in Review!

A little bit late this week because we were entertaining some friends from out of town last night.  Onward, to the recap!


Fundraising this week has been all about promoting our team's Mary Kay fundraiser.  A friend of Marcia's and Jen's former French teacher Carol Agate is brokering that sale on behalf of our team and she has graciously offered to donate all of her profits from this sale to our team.  That means that our team will receive a donation equal to half of the proceeds from every sale that we make, rather than the usual 25%!  That fundraiser will be going on through the end of June.  All of the details can be found on the Relentless Optimism team blog here.

In addition to the Mary Kay fundraiser, I am also continuing to see great returns on my fundraising letters!  I received one online donation this week, bringing my total on the 3 Day website to $2401.  I also received three donations in the form of cash or checks totaling $110 which I am redirecting to one of my Relentless Optimism teammates.  As always, I want to recognize my donors this week starting with my friend Dave who recently completed the 124 mile Ride to Conquer Cancer in Canada for which he raised over $3000.  I also got donations this week from my Great Aunt Gerry and Uncle Roger Diamond and from my husband's college buddies Jeff Kostusiak and his wife Christine and Joe Caldwell and his wife Kristen.  Thank you so much everyone!  We could not do this without you!


There is only one way to describe training this week:  hot and sweaty.  Here in Atlanta, the temperatures were hovering in the low 90s all week with humidity that was so high that it felt like there was just moisture hanging in the air.  It made for some very long, steamy training walks and runs!  

All told, I walked 43 miles last week, which is ten miles more than my previous one week high.  On top of that, I also ran 10.8 miles which was also a weekly high.  I even managed to squeeze out my first five mile run and a full two mile run where I didn't stop to walk at all.  I'm clearly not a superstar runner or anything, but I was pretty darn proud of myself.  All told, I have now walked 442.53 miles and run 108.7 miles since I started training.  Good thing I'm pretty heat tolerant with all these miles that I'm racking up!

Extra Stuff

Despite kicking things up a notch in my lab at school, I still managed to get a lot of extra 3 Day things done this week.  First, I posted a link to an interview that I did last week with John of the 60 Miles, 3 Days blog where I discussed some of my favorite 3 Day moments.  You can check that clip out here in case you missed it earlier this week.  I also wrote a post about some of my favorite alternate handbooks about surviving the 3 Day experience which you can find here.

In addition to all that blog action, I also took some time this week to lock down our travel plans for the 3 Day trip up to Boston.  We booked our hotel rooms for Thursday night, bought our plane tickets and decided on our tenting partners this week!  Everything is really coming together now, which is just making me more excited for the weekend to finally get here.  As a part of all that, I posted the address where supporters can send me and my teammates mail that will be delivered on the event.  If you would like to send us some snail mail encouragement during the 3 Day, you can do so at:

3-Day for the Cure PO
Attn: Name of Participant
P.O. Box 8557
Warwick, RI 02888 

Finally, we learned this week that two of our Relentless Optimism team members have recently started new jobs and as a result, will not be walking with us in Boston.  I was really bummed to hear that Maria and Sharon won't be able to take part in the event this year, but I am very proud of them for their exciting new job opportunities.  

Coming Up Next Week...

This week, I'll be focusing on two things on the fundraising front: continuing to promote our Mary Kay fundraiser and sending out another round of fundraising letters, this time to some work associates of my mom's.  In addition, I'm going to try to write one or two blog posts with some more tips about the 3 Day, although I'm still deciding on what topics I want to tackle first.  I am also going to finish locking down our travel plans and our team is going to be figuring out what we want to do for team shirts for the walk, which should be really fun.  Finally, if time allows, I really need to get to the store to pick up my second pair of sneakers so I have time to break them in before the 3 Day!

Even with all that, the thing that I'm looking forward to the very most this week is that it is a RECOVERY WEEK for training!  After last week's 43 miles of walking, I am quite looking forward to *only* walking 27 miles this week.  I kind of wish I could take a week break from running in this intense heat as well, but with the Peachtree Road Race only 3 weeks away, there's no rest for the weary there.  This week, I have 2 mile, 3 mile and 5 mile runs planned along with my 5 mile, 10 mile and two 6 mile walks.  Still, any break in walking is well appreciated at this point in the game! 

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